Monday, October 31, 2005

Hometown 1 Anna Bells -5,235

It was a buffet weekend for the Ninja’s. Friday night a large group of yahoo’s (or perhaps masochists) met up at Hometown. There’s not much left to be said about Hometown. It is what it is.

On the way to Hometown, I had to return a call from my sister-in-law. She wanted to come up on Saturday with my bro, which was fine it just meant we had to go home and do post-Hometown house cleaning.

This leads me to Saturday. They come up. My brother likes trains and doesn’t want to sit around the house, so we go to the train museum. The last time I went there was for an 8th grade field trip and it was only a little less boring than I remember. Actually, I don’t want to sound harsh on the train museum. It’s a nice museum, I’m just not that into looking at trains. I liked looking at all of the toy trains best. But basically I paid $6 or so to walk around the museum listening to how my SIL wants to have a baby.

We were all hungry after the trains so we started walking around looking for a place to eat. We weren’t having any luck. After a loop around Old Town, someone hands someone in our group a flyer for “all you can eat pizza/pasta.” (Insert sinister music). It was for Anne Bells (anna bells, anne belles?).

I remember Dave and I went there once a few years ago. I remember it wasn’t good. So I warned my bro that it wasn’t good. Everyone was hungry and getting cranky so we decided to just go there. I mean, how bad can it be?

Dave said, “I remember it being Happy Joe’s bad.” [Happy Joe’s smorgasbord is located somewhere in South Dakota. We went there on Banana’s/Four Eye’s tour a million years ago]. I didn’t get the warning, because my Happy Joes memories are pleasant, although they don’t revolve around actually eating any of the food. They are mostly of Joel and Davey daring each other to eat gelatinous meatballs and nasty chocolate pudding.

Well, to get to the point Anna(e) Bell(e)s sucks ass. And it’s way worse than Happy Joes. At least Happy Joes had more of a selection.

I need to add that AB’s is a pizza place. Shouldn’t there be pizza out when you have a pizza buffet? Shouldn’t it at least be warm? The piece I got was cold and nasty. They had spaghetti and ziti. The sauce tasted like they took a can of tomato sauce and mixed it with about a gallon of water and threw in a slice or two of bell pepper and onion.

We ended up going to Taco Bell on the way home. Those new grilled steak tacquitos are pretty good.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oh What A Night....

Actually, great night started in the afternoon when we took the kids to the vet (well, okay, pediatrician, but I think vet sounds better). Sage had her six month well check and a million shots to get. During the exam I got busted when the doctor asked Roan, “that looks like a healthy snack, what is it?” I told him it was sugar cereal (Reeses puffs). He made a face and said “Well, everything in moderation.” Ack, why didn’t I bring her usual snack of raw broccoli and wheat germ? Their doctor wanted both of them to get the flu shot. (Sorry Roan). So we trucked it on down to the (insert sinister music) SHOT ROOM.

Roan was really excited to go to the shot room. The last few times she’s been, she wasn’t the one getting shots. They have a big carpeted room with some wooden structures to climb on and often (because getting shots takes forever) other kids running around waiting for their turn to get stuck. So when we go to the doctor, Roan always asks to go to the shot room.

We get called back and Roan has to get her shot first. The shot lady kept calling her Ro-Ann and asked if Sage was pronounced Saw-jay (as if it were Sage with the little squiggle above the E). Roan got her shot and started crying and calmed down a little when she got to pick out a sticker. She picked the danged Barbie one, too. Yuck. I would’ve been wise to take her out of the room then, before her sister got her 3 or 4 sticks, but I’m not wise and stayed.

Roan watched her sister get jabbed with needles and then the both started crying. The only difference was, after they stopped poking her, the baby stopped crying and Roan continued to scream for about ten minutes. We went to the pharmacy and bought her some chewable ibuprofen (grape flavor, yum). I had to take her back out because she kept SCREAMING.

We get home and Roan kept saying her leg hurt (they gave her the shot in her right thigh). Davey would ask what leg and she kept saying the wrong one. Then she’d get confused and we laughed at her (it was really cute). Well, she got pretty mad because “people shouldn’t laugh at kids” and “I don’t like when Daddy laughs at me.” All of which almost made me laugh again (poor Roan) so apologies and hugs were given and she stopped complaining about her leg.

The kids got tired early, so we started the bedtime procedure around 8 pm or so. All seemed to be going ok, we were trying to finish some zombie missions on World of Warcraft when the baby woke up. It was only 9 or so....

Well, we got Sage to go back to sleep around 11:45 after lots of feeding and rocking then giving up then more feeding and rocking. The dang baby still woke up when I put her back in her crib for the last time. I guess she finally just gave up trying to stay awake, because she didn’t start screaming again and eventually fell asleep.

I can’t remember what time Roan first woke up screaming, maybe 3:30, and then 4:30 and 5:30. She kept having this reoccurring dream about her hands being dirty (I’m not joking). She wanted to wash her hands.

At the 4:30 awakening, I noticed she was sweaty. I thought it was from wearing the fuzzy, footy pajamas she had on. She wouldn’t let me trade them for less warm pj’s. So I just told her to keep her blanket off of her some and I got her some milk. When she has bad dreams, she always asks for milk.
At 5:30 she starts screaming again. This time I think I’m going to start crying. I go in and she keeps saying her hands are dirty. I tell her it’s just a dream. I start to tuck her in and noticed some white curdled glob with sticky red glops in it on her bed and pillow. Next words, “Davey, I need some help in here.”

All of this time Roan is screaming. (Oh, the red glops were leftover from her gummy vitamins). I change her pj’s and try to get her to calm down (deep breaths seem to work) while Davey gets vomit duty. A good thing he did it, because I almost hurled when I saw it. I have a milk/mayo/ cottage cheese/cream cheese (I could go on) phobia.

We decide to take her temperature. I have one of those nifty ear thermometers, which sometimes aren’t accurate. But, she consistently registered 101.7 and 101.8. Mine was a chilly 97.7. She was already feeling better since she calmed down, but we gave her more ibuprofen for the fever.

By this time it’s about 6 and Sage is wide awake. So I feed her. Meanwhile Roan wants someone to sleep in her bed and is mad that “daddy” has to get ready to go to work. I told her someone would come back in for her, thinking (hoping?) that she would fall back to sleep.

I brought the baby back to the crib and Roan was still awake waiting for someone to sleep with her (that’s what she told me). So I told her she could sleep in my room, but she had to go to sleep..blah blah blah.

Finally, after many back rubs and another screaming fit when Davey left for work, we both fell back to sleep around 7:30. When Roan woke up, she rolled over and said “Hey, I’m not sick anymore.” I felt her head and she didn’t feel feverish.

That reminds me...I have to take the barfed upon cow-cow out of the washer.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blog Post Extended Edition

So I was talking with the Eye of Sauron the other night and I think we need to reprise the “Running of the Rings” again this year (or maybe early next year). Basically we watch all three extended editions of the LoTR in a row. It takes about 12 hours. Here’s the recap of last years festivities.

I know last year the day we did it, there were at least two other events going on, so a few weren’t able to make it or were only able to “make an appearance” before social butterflying their way to other festivities.

It really was a lot of grueling fun and I was pregnant so I couldn’t even drink my way through it. Anyway, I mostly posted this so Davey could read it. Last year we did it in December, which is a pretty busy month, maybe January would be better. As long as Goulet’s on board (the whole thing was his idea last year), I think we should do it again.

How was the Halloween potluck, Davey?

A Little Wedding Recap...

Well, Joel and Hilary’s wedding was a great success, assuming they finished filling out the paper work and turned it in to the proper authorities. I had a lot of fun and only barely cried a little. I saw Joel’s mom dabbing at her eyes during the ceremony.

I posted some pics below. Unfortunately, we failed in taking pictures. I started off diligently taking pictures of everyone in costume (about 4 shots) then I got a beer and my priorities shifted. I felt I greatly succeeded in not drinking enough to get sick, though I think I was a glass or two of champagne away. It did take me a full day to recover anyway.

Everybody looked great in costume. A few of my favorites were Xmas Ed C. and the Oldest Dude. There was someone I didn’t know dressed as a magical white unicorn which was great. Jack’s goofy parrot was excellent as well. The bunny suits made me laugh when I saw them dancing. Marletta’s “boy scout struck by lightening” was excellent. I loved how Dr. Who’s curly hair flattened out by the end of the evening. Enough party to straighten your hair. The eye of Sauron was very inspired, even though Mike “in character” was about to make me steal the Old Dude’s cane and whack him with it.

The “some things change, but always stay the same” (I don’t even think that makes sense, just pretend it does) moment was near the end of the wedding with members of the lollipop guild inquiring “has anyone seen Mike R. Mike?”

I am so happy J & H got married. I really wish them the best. They are two of the nicest people any of us know. They are both selfless and their creativity is inspiring. I could go on and on, but we all know they’re “the best.”

P.S. Thanks for all of the condolences about the cat. I had a really bad day on Friday, but I think I got a lot of it out of my system and am at peace with it. I still miss Burgie, but I’ve guess I’ve reached “Stage 5-Acceptance.” Give your pets a hug from me.


Friday, October 21, 2005


I took Burgie in yesterday morning. We walked over to the cat vet on Riverside. When I walked in the receptionist asked, “Burgie?” and I nodded and started sniffling. I sat next to the big grandfather clock. It ticked loudly in my ear and chimed at 8:45, the time of the appointment. Bad seating choice on my part. I could hear the workers laughing in the back rooms. I was sort of surprised that it didn’t bother me.

Shortly the vet tech came and called us back. On the exam table was a towel and on top of the towel was a blue fleece pad with fringe around it’s edges. The vet tech pulled Burgie out of the carrier. In her prime, you would have never stuck your hand in there unprotected. Yesterday, she just out a halfhearted “mrroww.” She sat on the table and slowly nudged her way toward the edge, trying futilely to jump down.

The vet tech went over what we wanted to do with the remains, always an enjoyable topic and left the room, not before handing me a box of tissue.

The cat doctor came in next. He grabbed my hand and tried to say something comforting. He gave Burgie an exam and asked if she had stopped eating. The answer was “yes.” He felt all of the tumors on her jaw and chest and said he was okay with doing this. He was the doctor who debulked the tumor about 11 months ago.

He explained to me how it would work. They would give her a shot first, an anesthetic to relieve pain and make her mellow out. The doctor warned that the shot stings a little and as he administered it, Burgie let out another “mrow.” He then went over the same options as to what to do with the body as the vet tech and left the room again.

It took a few minutes for the shot to kick in. Up until then, Burgie was still trying, very slowly to get down. When the shot started working, it must have been pretty good stuff, she just relaxed and laid on her side.

The doctor came back in with the vet tech, who brought clippers. He adjusted Burgie so she was laying flat on her side, feet towards him. I was on the other side of the exam table, petting her head. He then shaved the inside of her back leg and got the injection ready. he explained that it was a small needle and would take about 20-30 seconds to inject the entire dose and by the time he finished, Burgie would be gone.

For some reason, during this time, I had “This Woman’s Work” by Kate Bush stuck in my head. Specifically, the chorus “I know you have a little life in you yet; I know you have a lot of strength left.” It was annoying, because, though Burgs may have had a “little life left” she didn’t have much strength at all and was suffering which was the whole reason I took her to be put down. Maybe it popped into my head because it’s a sad song and the vet tech kept telling Burgie she was a strong, brave kitty.

The doctor started the injection. The vet tech was telling Burgie how she could go play all the time with all of the toys she wanted and kick sand all over etc. I’m not sure if this was weird, but it didn’t bug me, she meant well.

I looked over at the syringe and it was empty. Burgie’s labored breathing had stopped. I felt very sad, but Burgie looked very peaceful and much better than while she was so sick.
The doctor gave me a hug. I didn’t know vet’s did that. He said I could stay for awhile and they left the room.

I smoothed her fur and told her “I’m sorry” and “we’ll miss you.” Her body actually looked better, I guess along with her spirit, the pain had left it. I kissed her on the forehead (never did this when she was alive, for fear of possible injury to my face) and said good-bye. I could see her little black body disappear from view as I closed the door (yet more cruel symbolism...I should’ve left the door open and broken that stupid clock).

And for the last insult upon injury, I went to settle up the bill.

I walked home with the empty cat carrier. I wanted to just throw it hard on the porch, but I didn’t and just set it down. The kids weren’t up yet, so there was time to cry. Davey stayed home from work all day, which was good, because I was exhausted.

I keep finding crumpled tissues everywhere and it makes me said again. When I sat down to write this, I noticed some on the desk, which were used moments before putting Burgs in the carrier. Throwing them away has become some sort of weird little ritual requiring a deep breath before tossing them in the garbage.

Roan still hasn’t noticed that Burgie is missing and I’m not going to tell her. Burgie stayed away from all things “kid” and “dog” so we haven’t seen as much of her over the last few years as we used to. Still, I can feel her energy missing from the house. I know that’s “new agey” and all, but it’s true.

Writing this has been very cathartic. I thought it would just make me feel worse and it did a few paragraphs ago. But I’m starting to feel better now, like I’ve cleared my head a little and the dark cloud over my head has turned to gray.

I wish I knew where I could get some Burgie! beer, so I could have a Burgie! for Burgie.

Thanks to everyone who left nice comments the other day. All of us who have pets go through this periodically, but it doesn’t really get easier.

Rest in peace, Burgie. You will be missed. (okay, now I’m sad again)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Depressing, Don’t Read

I’m pretty down today. Burgie is just not doing well. She won’t eat anymore. I got her to take a few licks of Fancy Feast (yeah yeah, that’s all they had left at Target) this morning, but that was it. She literally just licked it. There wasn’t any actual eating. She’s turning into a skeleton, but it doesn’t look like she’ll make it to Halloween.

A few weeks ago, when the vet said she had about a month, I didn’t really believe it. It’s been almost a year since we first noticed the lump in her jaw and got most of it removed. She just got a lot sicker this last week or so. Dave’s talking about taking her in tomorrow. It’s probably the right thing to do, but I guess I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Cool Beans

To anyone who is familiar with World of Warcraft, this is fracken hilarious. If you're not familiar with WoW, you'll be all like "wtf?"

Here's the link

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Weekend Fun?

Roan managed to get her pegasus yesterday morning. I was still in bed when it happened. She really only half won it, because it wasn’t her idea to go to the potty. Dave caught her just in time and put her on it.

Yesterday afternoon I took her to see Wallace and Gromit. This was her first time going to the movie theater and she seemed more impressed by getting to eat a big bag of popcorn than watching a cartoon on a giant screen. Still she was really good. She asked a few loud questions “What is that doggie doing?” I think I laughed more than she did though. The movie is pretty good. We missed a chunk near the end because I had to go to the potty (go figure).

In a little while, we’re hoping to go to a pumpkin patch. I think Dave has already had it for the day, though. He was up early and vacuumed and washed (with our Hoover “steam vac” which is a misnomer, because they don’t use steam at all, just hot tap water) the carpet in the living room only to have Roan immediately spill a bowl of cracker crumbs all over it. That’s basically my day everyday. Friday, I cleaned up the living room floor about 4 times and then just gave up. Between kids and the long-haired dog, it’s just a losing battle.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Chooz a Pasta, Pik a Sauce....

I actually miss that place

Last night I went with a friend to Pasta? in Davis. I was pretty skeptical about it, especially since the name ends in a question mark. It ended up being pretty good. I had one of the specials which was bow-tie pasta in a spicy tomato sauce with salmon. It had some impossible to pronounce Italian name, but my translation is extremely accurate. The only problem with it was I think they cooked the salmon separate from the noodles, because some bites were a comfortable “warm” temperature and others were a just a level below “burn the skin off of your tongue” hot. It was tasty though.

Now that I drink coffee again, I had a cappuccino after dinner. I was a little worried that the caffeine would keep me up. It turned out not to be a problem because the two little monster children of ours took over where the caffeine left off. I also had the strawberry sorbet (yes, I’ve gained 15 lbs. overnight) which was really good, if a little $$$ for what it was (three scoops of sorbet in a martini glass with a mint leaf for $4.95 or so). They even had a kid's menu, which surprised me.

Funny Links....

Eventhough it seems nobody (arrgh...just got interrupted by Jehovah's Witnesses) checked out "Unicorn's L.A." (your loss), these three are really funny and download pretty fast.

Devo's 'Whip It' video remade by 10 year olds.

A new take on West Side Story

The Shining Redux

The first two were sent to me by Davey this morning and The Shining was posted on the Chick List weeks ago, but the West Side Story one reminded me of it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Four Eyes, Three Guys, Two Chords, Once More

The Four Eyes “live” show was last night. I decided to go with the kids, since it wouldn’t be as loud as a “regular” show. It was still kind of loud, but the kids didn’t seem to mind. Roan went on stage and ate a peanut butter sandwich while helping her dad “dj.” I strapped the little one on (ummm, no she’s not a strap on maybe I should rephrase), I put the little one in a carrier and she was good through almost the entire first “set” until she started to get fidgety so I went outside to walk around and she promptly fell asleep.

It was good to see everyone and “hang out” at the Loft again. Alas, there were no rumbles or turf wars to be had.

Hopefully one of the Four Eyes or other bloggers will come through with a better recap. Links to the right.

Why is it that no matter what time they go to bed, babies still wake up EARLY? Maybe they just need to grow up and realize sleeping and lying in bed is much preferable to getting up and doing stuff.

Monday, October 10, 2005

De-evolution is Real...

So we went and saw Devo at the Paramount Theater in Oakland on Saturday night. It was pretty great, but I knew I’d end up a little disappointed. I’ve been listening to them since I was about 8 years old, thanks to having a brother almost 9 years older than me. I was too young to go see them when they were still in their prime, so I figured I had missed the boat and never bothered to go see them when I was old enough. I just found out today that my brother and two of his friends (who are like older brothers to me, I’ve known them forever) were at the show. They were on the floor and we were in the balcony, since both levels had their own bar, we never saw them. He denies he knew we were going, but I know we mentioned it in World of Warcraft chat, anyway.

Bow wow wow opened and they were suckola, so we went and I had another $5 Budweiser and people watched for awhile. I saw a few 40 something dads with their 12 year old sons and it was kind of cute. We had balcony seats, which were great for being able to see everything, but sucked energy wise. My bro had seats on the floor and they were up jumping around and screaming, but he said he couldn’t see much of the stage. Their seats were basically under ours. We could see everything great, but everyone just sat in their seats.

They started the show with a little movie about the proper attire to wear when attending a Devo show. Then they came on stage. It was the 4 original members with a different drummer (but they’ve had a different drummer for many years now). They were quite spry even with the gray hair and pot bellies. Jerry Casale had injured his back and played the entire show strapped to a board and a roadie had to help him get on and off stage. I’m not kidding. From what I’ve read, he slipped onstage on a piece of torn yellow jumpsuit and injured his back earlier on tour. He mentioned having a L-5 herniated disk. They just worked it into the show and strapped him to a board (it had lights and stuff) so it looked intentional.

They stuck to playing their good songs. They did play Whip It (I guess they have to) but they stuck it in the set early on and got it over with. They played “Come Back Johnee” as their last song which was weird (imo), but Mothersbaugh wore a giant foam cowboy hat and mustache and filled his crotch with a million rubber bouncy balls which he bounced into the audience.

I’m really only disappointed about the show because it seemed too short (over by 10:30, Devo from start to end was only an hour and only had the one movie at the beginning) and I knew they could never live up to my expectations. They’ve always been kind of the “perfect” band (we’ll just forget about those later albums) in my mind, that there was just no way they could be better than what I had built up in my mind over the years.

I asked my brother how they were compared to the other shows he’d been to. He’s actually gone to a lot of their shows when they were still in their prime (I’d say ‘New Traditionalists’ and earlier). He said the sound was better, but at some shows they did more movies. He saw the tour where they had the treadmills. I remember seeing them play on Saturday Night Live on the treadmills and it was great.

I’ll give them credit though, they still played in their short-shorts and kneepads. They did their jogging in place (though I suspect for not as long as they used to). All in all, it was pretty great. And yes, I do realize this is the worst show review ever written.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Are We Not Men?

I'm going to see Devo tomorrow. I'm pretty excited eventhough I blew off seeing them about 15 years ago (for about one-fifth the cost) because they were "past their prime." I hope they play the Rugrats theme.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I Need a Fly Strip Stat...

What is up with these fracken flies? Anyone else notice them all over town. Is this a result of mosquito abatement?


Now that Beckler is back in town, Heckasac is hopping. Nothing like a little Loft vs. True Love debate to get the day going. I think it's time for a rumble. Wait, the Loft is dead would that make the Lofties (Lofters?) zombies? Wait a minute, the True Love is dead too, right? We can wait until they reopen and have a zombie vs. undead battle to the death. Wait a second, what happens to zombies and undead when they die? And are zombies and undead the same thing? Seems, to me there should be a subtle difference. Anyway, the idea of Heckasac being cliquish (see the link under the post “Busted!” i’m way to lazy to link it here, and anyone who’s reading this has already read Heckasac anyway) is pretty funny and it just seems like it comes down to the old Loft vs. True Love crapola, which is funny and apparently will never go away. Which group is the Soc’s and which is the Greasers? Duh, the Loft is the Greasers. Let’s do it for Johnny!

Now, more importantly, people need to be watching this video. The link is on the Four Eyes blog as well. Unicorns L.A., baby. Watch it and love it.

Also, any friends of our cat Burgie (I know she’s bitten/scratched a large percentage of the downtown population over her 13+ years) should know she’s pretty sick. She’s hanging in there and doing okay, for now. She got her kitty narcotics this morning and is passed out in the sunlight on the floor right now. She has and unfixable cancerous tumor on her jaw. We got most of it cut off last year around this time, but it came back (vet said it would). Now I feel like I’m being a big bummer. I hate this aspect of having pets. I need to give a “shout out” to Lurch and Deeann’s cat Trixie who, sadly, recently made the trip to rainbow bridge.
The only time I “met” Trixie, she was trying to claw her way out of a bedroom in order to attack one of us visitors. I’m not kidding, this cat was a character. I’ve always felt she and Burgie were/are kindred spirits. Okay, now I’m bummed again.
Time to go eat pizza and watch America’s Next Top Model (they all look soooo hungry).

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Scary Bunnies

Cute Bunny

Look at the giant pink bunny!

Does anyone else find this picture disturbing? Here's the link to the article courtesy of the chick list. If you are too lazy to click on it, I'll tell you what it's all about. It's a 200 foot rabbit on a mountain in Italy that they want to leave there for 20 years.
"Group member Wolfgang Gantner said: 'It's supposed to make you feel small, like Gulliver. You walk around it and you can't help but smile.'" Makes me feel like I'm in a horrible nightmare, actually. Could they have taken a more flattering picture of it perhaps?
This made me laugh: "And Gelatin members say the bunny is not just for walking around - they are expecting hikers to climb its 20 foot sides and relax on its belly."

Poop Disasters and More

So I’ve had insomnia for the last few days. Actually not really. I just can’t fall asleep. Once I finally do, then it’s really hard to get up. The girls just started sharing a room last Friday. It’s been taking up to 2 hours to get them both quiet and sleeping every night since. Roan tries every ploy she can think of to stall going to bed. Some of her favorites are “I think I’m a little bit hungry,” and “I have to go to the potty.” Last night she was screaming for someone to come in and when I opened the door she was laying backwards (feet at the head) on her bed, with her head near the side edge of her bed and said “I’m falling off mine bed.” If I didn’t describe it clearly, she was nowhere near falling off and would have had no problem correcting her position. Still, she worked it and managed to stall bedtime a few more minutes.

So, Safeway store brand Cheerios are gross. I got some because they were a lot cheaper and I remember getting the Raley’s store brand and they were okay. Safeway’s are not. They just have this weird taste to them that I can’t describe. Of course, I still feed them to Roan. She doesn’t seem to mind. This morning I gave her a bowl of “toasted oats’ or whatever they’re called. She sits down at the table and I get her watered down apple juice ready. When I bring her the juice I notice she found some shriveled up o’s on her place mat from yesterday morning (yes, I know that is really gross, but I really didn’t see them there and I’m guessing Dave didn’t see them either since they must have been there through dinner as well, still really gross). She said something like, “I’m putting mine cheerios back in the bowl.” So I grabbed the bowl and she had put the tiny shriveled up o’s in with the nice crunchy fresh ones. Ok, so it was funny at the time.

Speaking of gross, I have had to deal with poop disasters the last two days in a row. I guess it could have been worse. Neither of the kids has yet to smear poop on a wall or use their poop as play-doh and mold little figures out of it. Yesterday Roan said she needed to use the potty so I told her to go in and get started. I was so proud that she actually did. When I went in to check on her, she had taken off her pants and pull-up, put the Sponge Bob seat on the “big potty” and used the “little potty” to climb on the big one. I was so happy she did this all by herself. Then the smell hit me. I looked at her diaper and yes, it was loaded. I didn’t see poop anywhere, so I got rid of the diaper. But, it still smelled. I looked at Roan and saw that she had brown smears on both legs. Ugghh. Why couldn’t this have happened on the weekend when Davey was home?

Today’s disaster involved the little one. This one snuck up on me. I thought it was just a routine dirty diaper. When I started changing it I didn’t notice the poop was dangerously close to the back of the diaper, so while i was changing her some escaped up the back. Not anything out of the ordinary, but it also got all over the strap on the changing table, which absorbed it like a sponge. Really gross. Also, the strap (which we never use) is bolted on in such a way that it needs power tools to be taken off. So, if you’re reading this, Davey, you have a little project when you get home.

Monday, October 03, 2005


The mailman just dropped off my new shoes at the door. I got a brand new in the box pair of Dr. Marten’s shoes for just under $10 shipped. AND....they actually fit. They’re brown and pretty ugly (can we please leave off the stupid yellow stitching?) but they were super cheap. Thank you, Ebay.

Speaking of Ebay. I’ve been spending a bunch of time looking for a costume to wear to an upcoming wedding. (Costumes required). I thought I might try to make a dress. Then I remembered I can’t sew for beans. Then I decided I wouldn’t let that stop me. Then I looked at how much fabric the pattern used. That stopped me.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to wear. Originally, I wanted to dress up as my World of Warcraft character. However, there is no way you’re gonna catch me rocking thigh-high plate mail leggings and a thong covered only by a guild tabard and cloak with +10 nature resistance.

I guess now, I’m leaning towards “ren faire geek.” If I end up being lazy, then it’s the good ol’ standby..."cowboy.” Only I have “paddock boots” and not cowboy boots, so it would be extra half-assed. Dave’s costume looks pretty good. Roan liked it. She’s not going to the wedding or she would be forced to dress as a hobbit. For halloween she’s going to be a kitty-cat (not Kitten Cat). It was her choice and, if you know her, very predictable.