Friday, November 21, 2008

Get Me Some Rogaine... Stat

For the last month or so my hair has been falling out, practically in clumps. I was freaking myself out last night, because I swear it looks thinner. However, the mass shedding seems to be slowing down. I guess this is the post-partum hair loss issue that I’ve read about but don’t remember experiencing with my other two kids. Oh well. I hope it stops or I will be bald soon.

Toby is becoming the sweet baby I’d hoped he would be. I wasn’t so sure, because his first few months on earth he was a troubled little guy. I was seriously worried that he would be so sensitive about every little thing. He seems to be over that and only fusses when he gets tired or bored. Now we just need him to get to bed earlier. He doesn’t go down until sometime around midnight. At least he sleeps straight through until 8:30 when I almost always have to wake him up to take his big sister to school. If he would go down by 9 pm, we would be in heaven. Yes, I know, way to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I was going through the kids baby books last night trying to add a few bits and pieces since I haven’t been the most diligent about filling them out. I went through Roan’s and realized that she’s almost “done” with the book. The book is designed to record stuff up through age 7. I remember when I first got the book and thought that it would be AGES before we could fill out any of that stuff and now it’s almost done. Man, I’m old. And going bald.

A couple nights ago the girls were playing freeze dance. That one is always a sanity saver. All it requires of me is to press the pause/play button on the Apple TV remote. I can participate more, if I wish, but it’s nice to be able to do something so easy that the kids love and it doesn’t make any mess. It’s also really easy to do with a baby on your lap.

Hmmm... I had a bunch more, but of course when I actually get time to sit down and type it all flew out of my head.

Forgot to Post- OCT 28

Nothing more sad than an abandoned blog. I’ve been a little busy lately. Baby Toby is three months old now. Yay. He’s sleeping through the night (most of the time), so I’m not as crazy as I was even a few weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still crazy around here. It’s just now there are moments of sanity sprinkled in.

Halloween is Friday. Roan is going to be Ash Ketchum (the Pokemon trainer kid). I just about have her costume finished. Sage is going to be Princess Peach (Nintendo). I have fabric cut for her, but it still has to be sewn. We’ll see how that goes. The baby might wear a spider hat, if I can find it. Otherwise he doesn’t have a costume. Maybe I can just put him in girl’s clothes and he can go as a baby girl. That’s just terrible.

We went to a wedding on Saturday with ALL of the kids. I thought it was going to be a total nightmare, but it wasn’t too bad. Luckily a friend’s mom was there. She loves babies and didn’t know too many people at the wedding. She held Toby for hours. The girls had a blast. I really wasn’t expecting them to, but there was a stage and when the music started, the kids (there were others) danced and played up on the stage. Much excitement was had when a giant cart of cupcakes was wheeled out onto the dance floor.

Of course we had to get up on the early side the next morning to go to a birthday party at Funderland. It was Roan’s “boyfriend’s” birthday. I never refer to him as her boyfriend around her, but I caught them holding hands one morning before school. They share a love of Pokemon. At the party another male classmate of Roan’s decided he should lead her around and often had his arm around her. Wtf? They’re six! He would start crying if it looked like he would have to ride by himself (he never did). It was a pretty mellow party. I took the girls and Luciglom stayed home with the boy.

More exciting news is that we finally got Sage potty trained. Hurrah! Now we have only one kid in diapers. We’ve been changing diapers continually for six years now. Think about it. That’s just crazy. In about 3 more years, we should be done. Ugh.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Why do you have a Monster Claw?

I’m back (baaa-aaack). Well, maybe. 30 Rock last night was hilarious. That is all.

Well, not all. Halloween was fun. Roan was Ash, Pokemon trainer and Sage was Princess Peach (of Nintendo fame). I made both of their costumes. I don’t “really” know how to sew.

Roan’s was harder. She needed a short-sleeve jacket type thing. I didn’t have a pattern so I ripped the seams of an old t-shirt to make pattern pieces. It came out okay except how I finished the front. It didn’t button or close in anyway so the front edges turned out a bit when it was on and it was a thread nightmare. I should have turned the edge over twice or something so the raw edge would be tucked in, I guess. It was denim, though and I wouldn’t really want to sew through that many layers. The best part didn't involve sewing. We hand painted a hat for her costume and then she left it at school on Halloween. The hat was pretty much half of her costume. We were supposed to meet friends for trick-or-treating and of course realized she didn't have her hat at the last minute. I had to cut out red and white construction paper and tape it to a blue Cinderella hat. Oh well.

Sage’s was easier because I had a cheap dress pattern and no zippers or anything, just elastic. It wasn’t quite as fancy as the dress Peach really wears, but close enough for jazz.

Toby wore a Christmas hat. Poor Toby. Next year he’ll be big enough for the giraffe costume. Roan got to wear that one twice. Sage wore it once. They hated it. Now it’s a rite of passage.