Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mac vs. PC

I'm a Mac person but this made me laugh.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Tyra Takes on WoW

I got this from the Warcraft forums.
part one
part two
He'll be playing again in a month.

Here's the thread from the WoW forums. There are some funny comments.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Me thinks these guys look like a bunch of phoneys They have nothing on the Four Eyes.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Everyone have a good holiday? I got sick Christmas eve. It was just a cold, not like the yuck we had going around here early last Spring. I’ve decided since I’m sick as much as I’m well, that there’s not much use in discussing being sick anymore.

Luciglom (Davey’s new name) built the kids a swing set with a fort and a slide for Christmas. We still haven’t finished putting the stain on all of it thanks to some rain and being out of town a lot. I thought the slide was supposed to be really strong, but now that it’s up I’m afraid to go down it.

Luciglom pulled one of the swings off of the beam while swinging. I was in the house when it happened, but he says he caught himself and didn’t fall on his ass. The swings have since been reinforced. We have a little car/baby swing for Sage and a regular belt swing for Roan. There’s room to put up one more, but it requires some hardware we don’t have yet. The kids love it though.

The girls also got a dollhouse for Christmas. Roan was up Christmas morning, sees the house in our living room and says unenthusiastically, “How’d that get there?” I was disappointed since we got this giant thing in our house, that wasn’t cheap and she doesn’t like it. Then she looked inside of the house and saw some furniture and people and got really excited. She’s played with it everyday since.

Sage got some Schleich zoo animals (lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes) which Roan plays with in the doll house. She had a “little people” cat sitting on a chair and all of the zoo animals standing in a circle facing the cat. It looked really strange. Now I wish I had taken a picture.

For New Year’s Eve we missed what sounds like a fun party within walking distance from our house. With no baby sitter and overtired kids, there was no way we were going anywhere. So we put the kids to bed and watched Jackass 2 and drank champagne. The movie made me laugh so hard I was crying and out of breath. I did have to look away during “the fish hook” and anything involving pooh or vomit. I was amazed how many of them can vomit on cue.

On an annoying note, our clothes dryer decided it didn’t want to blow hot air around anymore. This is just a month after our washing machine decided to eat a baby sock and break. Now I have piles of laundry and they only take about 3 or 4 hours to “air dry” in the dryer. Good times.

I got my World of Warcraft trading card game starter deck last Saturday. We got it at a game store in Santa Cruz. The guy working there was a beardo wearing tie dye. He was also the exact dude you’d expect to be working in a game (not comic!) store. Somehow the uber geekiness of this guy made me feel less embarrassed about buying WoW trading cards.