Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Take it to a nine!"

Here's a pretty good review
for Lady in the Water. If I could write, that's pretty much what I would have written about it. I still found the movie overall entertaining. Probably mostly for the flaws the reviewer points out. It's funny that someone would put that much effort into something just to 'stick it' to the critics. I was hoping that M. Night would have had a much stronger comeback after the Village though, because this new one isn't great.

Roan bashed her face in last night. She fell out of bed around 3 am. When it happened she said she hit her stomach. I didn't even notice her face until this morning about an hour after we were all up. She'll get to go to the gym daycare tonight looking like a tough kid.

Tonight is another aqua aerobics class. I took a "spin" though I think this place calls it "indoor cycling" or something like that, class yesterday afternoon. It kicked my ass. I'll probably go back next week though. I'll just pace myself better so I won't end up mouthing the words "you die now" at the instructor 15 minutes into the class. What's interesting about the cycling class is that it was about 50/50 men and women. Almost all the other group exercise classes are 99% female. One time during water aerobics the instructor got a guy who was waiting for the pool to join the class.

Why are the bikes so much more manly? Is it because they're a "machine?" The class is pretty much the same as any other one. They play music and there's a person yelling and telling you what to do along with 'keep it up,' 'abs held in,' etc. Perhaps it's just guys fear of "dancing" that keeps them out of the other classes. I'm going to try to get Luci to take a cycling class this week. Then I'll have a guys opinion on it. Alas, he is too chicken to try water aerobics or a step class. And I'm pretty sure he wouldn't try a yoga or yoga/pilates class either. I haven't braved the step class either, but I will eventually. It kind of looks like fun in a painful sort of way.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Stupid Freaking Internet

My mail is still not working. I know everyone is desperately trying to contact me via email at the moment. Oh well, you'll just have to wait for a response. The original internet problem we were able to fix on our end, but I don't know about this mail problem. I'm going to blame Sluggo the cat for this problem for killing my computer in the first place.

Internet Woes

Since my internet connection has been broken since midday yesterday, I suppose I have plenty of time to blog. I just don't know when I'll be able to post. I feel so lost and cut off without my internet connection. What do I do on the internet anyway? Read other people's blogs, email, check my guild's forums, check the WoW forums oh and uh play Warcraft. Well, none of that has been happening since about 1pm yesterday. I'm writing this on a Monday morning. Let's see how long it takes to get posted.

I saw Lady in the Water on Friday night. Poor M. Night will probably take a beating for this one. He cast himself in his largest (I think) role to date. I always like his cameo, but especially in this case it seemed a little "over-acted." Like how a drama student might play the part. The movie seemed flawed, but as a whole I found it entertaining. Mostly the point of it seemed to be to give his critics a big F-U. Oh, and hey all you stupid people, guess what, there is NO TWIST ENDING. Anyway, he's a favorite director of mine, because I always find his stuff interesting, even if it doesn't always work.

I did pretty much nothing all weekend, which is just fine with me because if you walk outside you'll catch on fire. Saturday I took Roan to ballet, ate a meatball sub from the Italian Deli and slept all afternoon while the kids drove Luci nuts. I can't remember what we ate for dinner, but it probably wasn't healthy. After the kids went to bed, Luci went to the Four Eyes show and I played a little Warcraft. I actually went to pick some flowers in the Swamp of Sorrows so I could make some extra gold. Usually the area is abundant with "in-demand" herbs, like blindweed and fadeleaf. There wasn't anything and I didn't see any farmers hanging around. It was strange. Sunday I didn't do to much. I went grocery shopping. Then I went to the gym to work out with weights. The Ergs + 2 were here when I got back from the gym, waiting to go to their show. They were all really quiet and were watching a Futurama dvd. Season 2, I believe. They all left to go to the show in Davis. I put the kids to bed and made a pasta concoction and watched the end of Paradise Now or Paradise Lost (crap, I can't remember the name and I can't look it up). It's the one about a couple of suicide bombers.

Yes! I have internet access again. Except my mail still isn't working. Worst blog post ever.

Friday, July 21, 2006

More Ketchup

My computer died Tuesday night. I was fighting the bat boss in Zul Gurub with 19 other people. Sluggo, the worst cat in the world, kept brushing back and forth on my legs until she ended up unplugging my computer. Then my computer wouldn't turn back on. It was completely dead. Now it's at the Apple store for 5-10 days getting fixed. The good news is that it's some "known" problem with the machine and they're fixing it for free.

I also got sick this week and it turned into a really good case of laryngitis. I spent yesterday whispering. Last time I had laryngitis was a whole 3 months ago. I think I have the worst immune system ever. And no, it's not AIDS, I've been tested.

Last weekend we took the kids to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They did pretty good. We couldn't stay at any one exhibit too long. I think Roan's favorites where the Outer Bay (the gazillion gallon aquarium) and the jelly fish. She made me take a picture of the jelly fish. She could care less about the sea otters. I was holding her right in front of the giant "outer bay" tank and she squealed when a giant tuna swam past us. Then a lady laughed at her. Roan also liked the sunfish and the giant turtle.

Sage has been working on getting her vampire teeth and is cranky pretty much every afternoon. I guess when she's at childcare in the gym she cries when anyone comes or goes. I'm not sure she's a huge fan of the child care place. Roan loves it and often throws tantrums when it's time to leave (yay!)
On Wednesday I sat through 4 hours of gym classes. Two classes, two hours each. One was called "Fitness the Right Weigh" (clever, eh?) and the other one was "Surviving Fitness." At this gym, oops pardon me, athletic club, if you take certain classes within 90 days of each other, you can save $$$ off your monthly fees forever. I've now completed everything except the one I dread the most. The fitness profile and body fat analysis. Yes, they make you get in the dunk tank. Then they tell you what a fat body you are. I'm not even sure what they do for the "fitness profile" part. I'm hoping it doesn't involve a treadmill. If Luci and I both do it, we save $20 a month on our membership. That's pretty good. I guess it's worth a day of total humiliation.

Here's a couple pics of the kids taken last night.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's Been Awhile...

I just looked at my blog today and realized it’s been about 3 weeks since I posted. Roan’s “bubble blowers” swim class was the first interruption to my blogging. For five straight mornings I got to stand around in an 18 inch deep splash pool with Roan who refused to sit in any part of the pool more than two inches deep. The kid takes baths in deeper water. So I could pretty much forget about her trying to do the “crocodile” much less actually blow a bubble in the water. At least by the end of the week she seemed to be having “fun” walking around in the water and stopped whining and crying. The water was pretty cold at 10 in the morning, though.

The same week we got a mini van. A Honda. Now I can be part of the annoying soccer mom clique that I always wanted to join. Not really. I used to drive a mini van before I had kids. My dad still has it. A golden-beige ‘87 Ford Aerostar. It was sweet. Not really. I traded it for my dad’s ‘87 (i think) Nissan pickup, which is now for sale. Who wants to buy it? Anyhow, the Honda is pretty nice. The kids no longer get their heads bonked in the doorway when I put them in the car.

Roan had her first ballet recital a few weeks ago. It was pretty hilarious. They didn’t really do a “dance.” They just mimed some stuff and pretended to sing along to “I won’t grow up” from Peter Pan. Their costumes were oversized suit jackets which none of them really wanted to wear. The whole thing fell apart by the end and there was very audible laughter from the audience. I didn’t get to see much of the other acts because I was stuck in an 85 degree room with a bunch of hyper children for most of the time. I hope that counts for some of my time in purgatory, because it was hell. One of the acts I did see was a group that must have been from a tumbling class. They all had to do cartwheels across the stage. There was a kid, just like me, who couldn’t do them but still had to do these weird half-cartwheels anyway. I took a class like that when I was a kid and had to do cartwheels by myself down the “runway” when we had our recital. At least no one laughed at this kid. I had the audience in hysterics. I was just glad I could entertain.

Last night I took a water aerobics class. A friend of mine wanted to try it out, so I said, “sure.” It was okay, I guess, once I was able to contain my inappropriate giggling. Actually, a lot of the time I had no idea what I was doing. Matters were not helped by the fact that I’m nearsighted and didn’t have glasses or contacts on in the pool. I had to keep asking my friend, “what’s she doing?” The best part was trying to stand on a noodle and “surf” on it. I was insanely bad at this and my noodle went flying out of the pool. It was pretty amusing. I’ll probably do it again next week. Can I wear contacts in the water if I’m not submerging my head? I did end up getting splashed in the face a lot. It would be nice to see, though.