Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Vomit Launch

The stomach flu officially took down our entire household. If you remember Roan had it about a week ago. I thought we were all in the clear. Friday afternoon I got really hungry and really tired. I took about an hour long nap and woke up feeling kind of lousy, but I figured it was from chugging a diet Pepsi right before laying down. We ended up going to Ikea and I had to carry Roan screaming from the check-out area to the car. This is probably why my shoulder hurt so bad on Sunday.
I got home and couldn’t figure out if I was hungry or sick to my stomach. I decided to drink some water and have some dry Cheerios. Turns out I was sick. The baby was sick too as her 20 million nasty dirty diapers can attest. I thought Luci was going to get away unscathed, but Sunday night he was dry heaving in the bathroom and walking around the house carrying the “barf bucket.” He never actually did throw-up, but he seemed to feel just as sick as I did when I was throwing up every two hours.
Roan remained chipper through out the whole experience. Luckily she can’t really remember when she’s supposed to go to ballet or preschool. She had to miss both because I was too sick to take her. Of course, now she has a cough and a runny nose again. I don’t think there is more than 2 or 3 days a month when there isn’t someone sick in this house. Thank you little kids and your little communicable viral infections.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Super-Duper Long Post, Vomit Story Included

This weekend was insane. Friday night we met up with Beanie and her mom and dad at the Hof Brau. I figured it would be crowded. I didn’t figure on the line to get your food snaking from the front of the place to outside the back door. I guess that’s what happens when you have a corned beef special for $5.79. They had some great entertainment, as well. This lady who at one point was playing country western songs through a pa and then singing along, through a microphone of course. She was also ‘”playing along” with a bass that wasn’t plugged in and she even “played” the guitar solos on the bass! Later, as we were leaving, she busted out her keyboard and actually played it. Did I mention she sang us a few Irish songs in the set? Although she was amusing at first, the consensus of our group seemed to be that we had all suffered first degree ear rape.

The rest of the night went routinely, until I went to bed and was pretty much up until 4:30 coughing. Baby Sage woke up at one point and joined me in my room for awhile. Then at 8:30 it was time to get up to get Roan ready for ballet. Saturday, Luci’s parents came up and Luci and I went to Ikea. No meatballs this trip. We did buy a lamp for the kids’ room. It’s shaped like a torch and the light looks like a flame. It’s really cute and now it’s their new night light. I also got Roan 6 plastic plates and 6 plastic cups for $3. Luci bought some strainer type thing. It’s like a circle of wire mesh with a handle. I know he’s never going to use it, but he insists it will be great for straining vegetables.

Since the grandparents were here, Saturday night, Luci and I went to Mongolian BBQ for dinner. Yay Mongo! I haven’t been in years. It’s exactly the same. Well, now they have tofu. They didn’t have tofu the last time I was there. Then we went to JC Penny. I have a gift certificate for there after returning some clothes I got for Christmas. I thought I’d buy some kids clothes, but I didn’t like any of them enough and I couldn’t remember which kid needed what. Luci wanted to get Roan a t-shirt with the Disney princesses on it. It was vomit inducing, but he knew she’d love it and she would. We ended up not getting anything.

Saturday night, after Luci’s parents left and the kids were in bed we played a little WoW. Glom and Prayella completed the Library side of Scarlet Monastery. We killed Arcanist Doan and he dropped my Illusionary Rod. Sweet. When Luci was level 30 something, we had to do the library over and over with a 5 man group to get that stupid rod. I got it on the first try. Anyway, we finished Scarlet Monastery by 10:30 and it looked like it would be a good night and we would get to sleep early. (Remember, I was exhausted from coughing all night Friday).

Here comes the fun part.... Sage was complaining about something, so Luci went in to change her diaper. Then I hear “Roan threw up.” I didn’t think too much of it. The last time she threw up in bed, it was just a little bit and no big deal. I go in and she’s laying in a big puddle. Then, a second later she just starts letting loose what appeared to be gallons of a diluted peanut butter liquid. Luci asked me if I wanted to deal with the diaper or the vomit. I picked diaper. While changing the baby, I had to find the baby Vicks Vapo-rub to put under my nose, because the smell in their room became overwhelming. Poor Roan, who was still half asleep, had to go sit in the bathroom. Luci got her vomit soaked shirt off and she had a towel around her. After I changed the baby, I went to give Roan a shower. Her hair was completely soaked in barf. We ended up with Roan on a little air mattress (not our big one that you’d sleep on if you stayed over here) on the floor in the living room. I was trying to teach her about the “barf bucket” and how you need to throw up in it. She threw up 5 or 6 more times that night. We had the washing machine going nonstop. Cow-cow got barfed on. What hasn’t that poor cow been through? Luci slept on the couch and they had Boomerang! cartoons on all night.

Roan threw up at 6 am Sunday and hasn’t since. She didn’t really eat anything all day Sunday and she just laid in our bed watching dvd’s, which is what she likes to do when she is tired. She refuses to nap. Sunday afternoon, I dragged Luci to the fabric store with me. He sat in the car and talked to Joel on his cell phone. I got some stuff to attempt some kids’ clothes. Roan is really excited that I’m going to make her a dress. She probably won’t be so excited when I’m done and the thing doesn’t fit.

After the fabric store, we stopped at a Honda dealer to check out the mini vans. I used to drive a Ford Aerostar. Okay, it is 19 years old now (my dad still drives it) but mini vans have come a long long way since then. They are amazing. The best part was when the dealer showing us the van used the term “soccer mom.” Anyway, we’re eventually going to get one. We just don’t know when or how at this point, but eventually. The mini van even had a “dog pit” for Link. Really it’s just space behind the back seats where the floor is lower so you can fold the back seats into it. We just kept calling it the dog pit.

I think Roan’s pretty tired today (monday). I’m going to keep her home from preschool. I hate doing that because she really wants to go. She’s over the “sick” part of her illness, just seems kind of tired. The added incentive to stay home is that it’s raining and it’s not too much fun to lug two kids in and out of the car in the rain.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ahhhh...My Eye!

I’ve been sick since late last week. Damn preschool germs that Roan brings home. We have this toy that we got baby Sage for Christmas. It’s like a little dashboard with a steering wheel and gear shift etc. Both kids love it. It’s a pretty nice toy except one of the things it blurts out is “Slow down little fella.” Wtf? Only little boys “drive.” I know the baby doesn’t care at all, but sheesh.

Roan has a little clique at preschool now. It’s mainly Roan, Jordan and Addison. They hold hands when it’s time to go into the classroom and then they play dress up together. Roan told me that she and Addison got separated or time outs (it’s hard to decipher 3 year old speak sometimes) because they were disrupting story time.

On my way back to the car today, after dropping Roan off, two little boys playing in the park said, “that girl (me) took our treasure...let’s get her... shoot her...shoot her in the eye.” Ah, what sweet little boys.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Quick Kid Update

Baby Sage is so cute. She’s become an expert in pressing buttons on the tuner, thus driving her big sister crazy when the sound turns off during “Jay Jay the Jet Plane” or some other show. (Jay Jay is this horrible PBS show with these horribly computer animated horrible little planes with horrible human faces). Sometimes Sage gets so into the button pushing, I can’t figure out what she’s done. We put up a barricade of toys in front of the tuner, but she’s able to move them out of way and get to the buttons. A couple nights ago, Joel said she looks like a potato. So now I like to call her Tater.

Roan has been eating almost constantly since she got up this morning. First she had a waffle and juice. Next she had a bowl of oatmeal with peaches in it (so did Tater). She was still hungry and wanted “pencils” (pretzels). Then she drank a cup of milk. Now she’s working on a piece of “rectangle cheese.” Actually, it’s a square slice of cheddar. This is all since 9:30 this morning. Other days, she won’t eat anything.

Now I completely lost my train of thought. Ever since I was pregnant with Roan, I can’t think straight anymore. I’m not kidding. I think the hormones permanently alter one’s brain. It sucks. I also get way over-emotional when I see a movie or t.v. show where something really wicked is happening to kids. It’s really strange and annoying.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Missing a Cell Phone?

Someone left his/her cell phone at our house last night.

I Rule the Oscar Pool!!!!!!!

Another year, another Oscars. I won the pool!!! (Again). That’s two years in a row for me. I even had to pick Crash to win for screenplay. That movie sucked big time. So, of course, it should win best picture and screenplay. I had picked Brokeback Mountain to win for best picture. Oh well. I can’t comment too much on the ceremony itself because I was much more entertained by drinking beer and chatting with our guests or too occupied with trying to get Roan under control. She was a beast last night.

Saturday had to be one of the most annoying days ever. I went to the grocery store. Upon bringing the groceries home and putting them away.... Actually the realization occurred when Luci asked, “You only bought one orange?” Uh...no. I had about five things missing. My oranges, apples, a big bag of tomatoes, a whole lot of spinach and three lemons. Okay, that’s four things. Anyway, it kind of screwed me up, because I couldn’t run back to the store right away and I didn’t realize the spinach was missing until later. Well, this is a long story...but a little later I managed to make my food processor smoke and not a cigarette, more like smoke coming out of the ventilation holes. Luckily it worked fine later that night. I realize this story is getting more convoluted so maybe a list will simplify it.
1. Store cheats me on my produce.
2. Food processor threatens to blow.
3. Four Eyes are playing on KDVS and sound a little “off” (more about this later)
4. I’m really hungry and chop a bunch of garlic to use for dinner and then notice that I don’t have any spinach (for the dinner) and I just give up (spinach is an integral part of the recipe).
5. Roan’s in a whiney mood.
6. The Four Eyes on the radio show is over and Luci didn’t give Clob or anyone a “shout out” as promised (more on this later)
7. I have Taco Bell for dinner.
8. I went back to the store and can’t go out the exit closest to my car, because they locked the doors. (ok, normally not a big deal, but it’s all these little things adding up).
9. Things start to seem under control, I work on chopping tomatoes and basil, Luci makes a big pan of lemon bars and puts them in the oven.
10. An hour or so later, I ask Luci, “did you take the lemon bars out of the oven?” You can guess the answer

So, the Four Eyes had to play their radio set without a monitor and Luci’s mic was turned off or broken or otherwise not doing its job. When I was listening to it live, I thought there were a lot of weird “dead air” moments. Apparently that was when Luci was talking. Like the entire time Joel was changing a string. (Of course they broke a string while playing live on the radio, it was that kind of day). Also, Joel’s batteries in his “tubbo song machine” died, so he couldn’t play the Tubbo songs for the listening audience. Anyway, I wish I could go kick the sound guy in the shins.

As much as Saturday was annoying, Sunday was fun. I can’t wait for all of the celebrity fashion critiquing. Charlize Theron is going to take a beating. The guys who were over last night were disturbed by Salma Hayek’s dress because it made her ample bosom look lopsided. Those were the only two I noticed. I might go back and run through it on Tivo and see if I missed anything good (probably not).

Friday, March 03, 2006

Bueller? Bueller?

Would someone do me a favor and check the "daily take" link in a previous post and tell me if it works? I can't check it from my home computer and well, I don't get out much.

Preschool Politics

Roan seemed a little downtrodden and tired when I picked her up from school today. When we got home I asked her if she was mad about something. She said that she was. I asked her what she was mad about and she said “Ella didn’t remember that I was her best friend.” Dang that rotten little Ella and her mom who wears her jeans tucked into her powder-blue Uggs. (Just kidding, they’re actually pretty nice, even with the Uggs). Roan’s battling a cold and she’s extra whiney and bratty now. Should make for a really fun afternoon.

A Cold Wind-a-Blowing

That wind is cold today. Totally Arctic, man. I convinced Luci to start up his Daily Takes again. He actually wrote one. We’ll see how long this lasts. Luci is the original blogger. Go read the archives and see.

With the rebirth of the Daily Take, yet another blog has bit the dust. Amelie has decided to quit her blog. Tsk. Tsk.

I made some horrible coffee this morning. I can’t figure out why it was bad, because I made it the same way I always do. I drank it anyway. The kids let me sleep in a little longer today, so when it was time get ready for preschool, I was in a major hurry. I had the Unlovables playing in the car. Roan likes the song with the chorus “I want a boy....I want a boy of my own.” It’s hilarious and partly horrifying when she sings along to it.

I got home after dropping Roan off at preschool (and getting stuck behind another effing SUV turning around in front of my house on it’s way to the effing Riverside Clubhouse) only to realize upon coming inside the house that are house is completely stinky. I’m not even sure what the smell is. There was some coffee scent mixed in with something else. So now I get to scout around to find the culprit and pull out the Lysol. Good times. I'd rather be leveling my Druid.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

How Do I Look as a Doll? Yeah, I Thought So Too.

Not Much to Read About Here, Move Along

Oscar party on Sunday. You’re invited. Wagering is involved. I haven’t done any of my “research” yet. Four Eyes are playing on KDVS on Saturday afternoon sometime. They’re also supposed to talk with the host about gaming. I hope Joel plays his songs based on his dwarf rogue, Tubbo. You can’t get too much of that.

Is it true the Oscars are starting an hour earlier this year? Freaking east coasters. Everything has to be timed for the stupid East Coast. Actually I don’t really care. I just wanted to diss on the east coast.

I haven’t had any coffee yet, that may be the problem.

I’ve been chatting with an old friend from high school. Talking to her inspired (yeah ok, I’m just bored) me to look up almuni from my high school on myspace. I found some dude who, according to his profile, was in our class. I didn’t recognize his name or his picture so I sent my friend the link. She sent him a message calling him a high school poseur. My high school was small about 70-80 per class, so everyone pretty much knew each other by name or face at least.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fairy Princess Ballerina Ice Skater

I think it was last night. Roan was in bed and said she was afraid to go to sleep. I asked why and she replied that "her dreams won't come true." I asked what her dreams were about and she said she wanted to be a "fairy princess ballerina ice skater and be the best fairy princess ballerina ice skater ever."

Is this my kid? I don't know where she gets this stuff. Must be from her dad.

Why Are These Titles Such a Pain to Come Up With Sometimes?

I’ve got so much stuff to do, I don’t know where to start. Better to procrastinate a little longer and write a blog post.

I figure I’ll take this blog back to its roots and talk about Roan’s potty training. She uses the potty all the time and was wearing pull-ups at night (just in case). She was staying dry pretty much every night, so I decided she didn’t need the pull-ups anymore. She seemed pretty excited by this.

The first night with no pull-up went fine. The second night she woke up (sort of) screaming and Luci (Davey) went to get her. He couldn’t get her to completely wake up so he brought her to our room and set her on our bed. As soon as I said “she has to go potty” I felt that my pants were wet. Too late. So Roan and I took a shower, while Luci changed the sheets.

Last night, I heard Roan kind of yell and I was going to ignore it, because she got quiet again, but I figured she probably had to pee and would just wake me up again 20 minutes later. I went in her room and she had kicked all the covers off. I was trying to get her up to go to the bathroom when I discovered she was completely wet. So I woke up Luci and repeated the events of the night before (except this time I didn’t have to take a shower).

So, we will be going back to pull-ups at night for awhile. My theory is she just can’t wake up enough to get herself to the bathroom. When she wakes up screaming and has to go, she’s not really awake. It’s sort of weird and creepy, actually. Poor Roanie.

In other news, I’m saddened to read that Beckler is contemplating quitting Heckasac. I think I can understand why, but I will miss it if it goes. What I hope happens is that Beckler takes a break and then just starts posting again and takes the blog back to its roots (that phrase is making me laugh). Remember the interviews? Those were fun to read. I liked the party reports (since I never get to go to any these days) show reviews etc. I’ve always thought of Heckasac as sort of the “Sacramento Treat” of blogs. It used to remind me of the good ol’ Loft days (sorry if that sounds cliquish) which reminds me of cheep beer on ice. Hopefully she can take a break, come back and all the people who like to troll the comments will go away.

There are also a few other local bloggers who have been neglecting their blogs, but I won’t call them out here. Well, I’ll call out the Four Eyes, ‘cause there's three of them and they can barely muster one post a week. The other two I’m thinking of are linked on the right.