Friday, April 21, 2006

Random Kid Update

Roan’s obsessed with snakes now. It started yesterday when she wanted to watch a movie and couldn’t decide which one. I mentioned the horse movie (the Black Stallion) but then I stupidly said that it might be too scary because there’s a snake in it. She didn’t want to watch it, but she’s been freaking out about snakes since. Last night she kept making up stories about horses and snakes and telling them to me. I don’t remember the details because the stuff she makes up is crazy. Most of the stories ended up with the snakes in cages, though.

Last night I told her that maybe today we could go feed the ducks in the park before school started. (We ended up not doing this because I was running late and it was starting to rain). Roan says, “Uh mama, I think the geese will be hungry too.” She does the “Uh mama” thing a lot. She has a distinct tone when she says it, correcting me. It always makes me laugh. A few days ago at school, I guess some kid stepped on Roan’s arm and they gave her an ice pack to put on it. I only know about this from what Roan tells me. I’m guessing they hand out ice packs for every little boo boo, because there wasn’t even a hint of a mark on her arm.

Baby Sage is starting to stand on her own (not holding on to anything) a little bit more. She has also figured out the sippy cup, for juice at least. I haven’t switched her milk out of the bottle yet. The last few times I tried I was rewarded with screaming and tantrum throwing until I presented her milk to her in a bottle. She wasn’t so good with the sippy cup then so maybe I’ll try the switcheroo again in a couple of weeks.

559 Crates of Lost Supplies in the Swamp...

...559 crates of supplies. Pick one up, take it to town...558 crates of lost supplies in the swamp.

I went to the kitten kat’s game last night to be informed that I got half of the population of greater Sacramento sick with my virus. Okay, a little exaggerated. It was only like one or two people I didn’t know about already. But, hey, remember somebody got me sick too. It wasn’t my kid, either, because she got sick after me. Also, someone at the game heard the sick talk and said “oh that cold with the fever?” He’s been out of the country and said he got it on the plane. I don’t want to be Typhoid Mary anymore.

I’ve about kicked the virus. It’s amazing how much your health improves when your kids sleep through the night. Our little one goes back and forth on this issue, but has slept soundly the last 5 nights.

Spring seems like it’s finally arriving, except the clouds came back today. I don’t know if it’s supposed to rain or not. The nice weather always makes me excited for the T.V. season to end. (Isn’t this sad?) Actually, there’s only a couple of shows we try to watch the night they’re on due to fear of spoilers. The rest get tivoed.

I haven’t been doing much lately except being sick. Now that I’m better I’ve been spending my free time playing WoW. Except I’ve been doing the same quest over and over with my level 38 dwarf priest. At level 40 she can buy a mount to ride around. Dwarfs automatically get Rams to ride, Night Elves get tigers, Gnomes get big mechanical chickens and humans get horses (Horde gets a whole ‘nother set of beasts). Well, I want a horse. In order for my dwarf to get a horse, she has to have an “exhaulted” reputation with the human city of Stormwind. “Exhaulted” is really hard to get. You gain reputation by doing quest related to that faction (Stormwind). There is only one repeatable quest. It gives you 25 reputation each time you do it. I need about 14,000 more reputation points. The quest entails running into the Swamp of Sorrows and finding a crate of “lost supplies” and returning them to this dude in Netherguard Keep in the Blasted Lands. The swamp is infested with spiders, crocolisks and some kind of large predatory cats. I have a map with the spawn points of the boxes marked. As of last night, I only have to do the quest 559 more times. /sigh. Actually, it will be a few times less, because I still have some other (non-repeatable) quests I can do for rep. Lucite emailed me today saying Orphan week is coming up, so I can probably take a Stormwind orphan around Azeroth, show the kid the sights and get some reputation that way. So I will probably only have to do the crate about 500 more times. Now, don’t you wish you were playing?

Another good time in Warcraft occurred the other night when we got a 5 man group to do the Scarlet side of Stratholme. The plan was to just do it up to Timmy to see if he would drop Clobberella’s Lightforge gauntlets. He didn’t drop them. So we decided to go kill one of the end guys. We had a really good warrior in our group. He is in a well known raiding guild and was decked out in “leet” gear. We also had our not so favorite hunter, “C” in the group. Actually, he’s not so bad, but the first time we grouped with the guy, he was horrible. He seems to have gotten a lot better...except....

We get to the end boss and the warrior goes in for the attack. Then I see C’s bird fly away. Then Lucite says something about C’s bird going the wrong way. Then another boss gets pulled. Then the priest dies, so I start healing the warrior, then everybody starts dying so I run, everyone gets their hopes up. I forgot (I haven’t played my paladin in awhile) to use my invulnerability bubble. Then I die. Then we all run back from the graveyard. Turns out C had his pet (the bird) targeted on the wrong boss, which caused us to wipe. What’s even better is after you die, you come back to life at the beginning of the dungeon and all the dudes we had already killed had respawned. We would have had to do the whole instance (dungeon) over again to get back where we were. Stupid respawns. We ended up quitting.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Day 13

This is day 13 of being sick. The upside of day 13 is that I think I’m finally going to kick the virus. Last Thursday afternoon I wasn’t feeling great and had a little bit of a fever. So, of course it was a great idea to go out and buy Roan some sandals (which cost more than any pair of shoes I own). By the time we got home I had a 103 degree fever. I battled the fever until Friday night. I don’t think I’ve ever had a sore throat that was as bad as this one has been. I even called Kaiser on Friday. The advice nurse suggested I wait it out another day or two. She asked me if I had a compromised immune system. I said I didn’t until my 3 year old started preschool in December (rim-shot).

We ended up driving to my parents Saturday evening so we could go to my mom’s Elk’s Lodge Easter brunch in the morning. They were supposed to have an egg hunt. I even asked my mom about the rain and she said they were still going to do it, just inside or something. Well, doing it inside consisted of some guy going around and handing each kid a couple of plastic eggs with $.0.50 in each. Lots of fun. The brunch wasn’t really that great. Most of the stuff they had, I didn’t like due to it all being covered in creamy/cheesy sauce. Also, eating anything caused a sensation of fire in the back of my throat. They did give the kids See’s Candy Easter baskets each containing a box of chocolate, two big hollow chocolate eggs (with a white chocolate bunny inside) a big Chocolate bunny and a big bag of jelly beans. They didn’t have anyone dressed as an Easter bunny, however. Sad.

If Baby Sage hadn’t decided to get up around 4 am and scream until about 6 am, I might have taken the kids to the Brisbane Easter Egg Hunt that I used to go to as a kid. They were having it inside the gym of the school I went to for 4th-8th grade. It probably wasn’t too much fun inside.

Now Roan’s obsessed with Easter candy. Last night she wanted to eat the chocolate bunny. I told her to talk to her dad about it (he was dealing with them while I stayed in bed, sick). I also told her she would probably want to eat him in stages, start with the ears, then eat his head later, etc. Davey told her she had to eat dinner before anymore candy, so she ate a bowl of ‘Easy Mac’ (yes, very nutritious) and he let her have the bunny, of which she ate the entirety.

Later, I asked her what she had eaten. She said “Mac n Cheese.” I asked, “Really? What else did you have?” She answered, “Just one piece of candy.” I guess one big chocolate bunny is still just one piece of candy.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Kid Party Wrap Up

Well, the baby’s first birthday party didn’t manage to kill me after all. I went to the Four Eyes show Friday night and blew out my voice yelling “Play L.A. Woman” and “More Ben Casey.” Okay, not really. But just trying to talk over the music in between bands was enough to destroy my voice. It’s still not back, either. I sound as if I started smoking about 80 cigarettes a day.

The Four Eyes were great at their show, though. I can do without the Ben Casey saga, of which they played the entirety. It did make me want to watch “Riding With Death” (or whatever the hell it’s called) again. It reminded me of my life before kids, when I could actually sit through an entire movie with out having to pause it 500 times. If you weren’t at the show, you missed the Doors medley. Which, ironically, did not end with “the End.” Those crazy nerds. Did you know the Doors did a version of “I Heard it through the Grapevine?”

Saturday went by in a blur. It was a lot of fun, but because my voice was so bad most of what I ended up talking about was being sick. It was also hard to have conversations, because it really took a lot of energy to try to talk loud and clear enough for people to understand me. We had the best little kids at this party. It really was an adult party, but we had more kids this time and they were all really awesome.

The sad part of the day was around cake time, when we realized that Roan wasn’t just tired and cranky, but had a major fever and she had to go lay down in my bed. She missed the rest of the party. After everyone but both sets of grandparents and Walter and Lora (Walter is like my uncle, I’ve known him forever) left, Roan barfed in our bed (I had no idea she had eaten and fruit salad, but I washed a bunch of strawberry chunks out of her hair, so she must have). After her shower, it was like she had never been sick. She came out in the living room and played with all of Sage’s birthday toys like she had never been sick.

Now I find out that I got at least one party guest and a little baby sick. Sigh. Roan’s preschool is off this week for Spring Break. Maybe that will give us a week with out any sickness.

Here's some pics.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Upchucking Revisited

Welcome to my sick blog. I got sick again Tuesday night. This one starts with a sore throat. What better than to soothe a sore throat than a Jamba Juice? So I had one of the regular sized ones against my better judgment and I drank it all, even though I was really full. Then I played Warcraft for awhile with Glom and Tubbo while my fever took hold. Pretty soon I’m in bed shivering while the ambient temperature of the house was a really chilly (sarcasm) 70 degrees. I tried to fall asleep for an hour or so. All of a sudden I’m waking Luci up saying I need “a bucket.” Luckily he’s so sensitive to the fear of a giant puke mess and the “bucket” happened to be right next to his side of the bed. I think he was still asleep when he whipped the bucket over to me. Just in time, because I wouldn’t have been able to wait any longer. I would have never made it to the bathroom. The one amazing thing was that the amount of Jamba Juice ingested seemed to quadruple in my stomach. I seriously upchucked about a half gallon of strawberry flavored vomit.

I’m pretty sure the throwing up was just a side-effect of the fever/shivering on a full stomach. Around 4 am my fever let up enough for me to sleep. It got bad again in the evening but by around 8 pm it got a lot better. Now it’s just a sore throat and low grade fever for me. It’s starting to become ridiculous how much I’ve been sick since Roan started preschool. It really is amazing. I’m getting really tired of it.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

That's a 50 DKP Minus!!!!!!

Last night I logged into WoW as Clobberella (my “main”) to get my Lightforge Bracers out of the mail. The were up kind of cheap at the AH (auction house) and my alt with all the gold bought them and mailed them to Clob.

Right when I logged in, I received a whisper from my favorite Priest. I’ll just call him V.
The beginning of our chat went something like this:
V: What are you doing?
Clob: Hey, what’s up?
V: nm : )
Clob: k :-)
Then we chatted about gear, being a priest and stuff. Maybe you got it already... when he said nm, I thought it was just V, being weird. He’s my favorite priest to group with, it’s always been fun and he admits to drinking while playing. He also says wacky stuff. He’s moved on to doing lots of raids in big raiding guilds so we don’t group with him much anymore. Anyway, I can’t believe I didn’t “get it” right away.

So, I’m lying in bed later last night. Luci was already asleep. All of a sudden it hit me and I said “ewww” out loud. I woke Luci up to explain, but I actually don’t know if he remembers because he was half asleep. The dude was making a joke about his wiener. I can’t believe I was so slow.

Luci just came home and thinks it’s “far-fetched” that he meant that. I don’t. I think it’s funny. I just wish I would’ve gotten it sooner.

Here’s a kind of funny Warcraft link. It’s audio of a raid leader leading his group against Onyxia. It’s funny when people take games so seriously. I guess this group is on a Euro server, hence the guys accent and what sounds like techno music in the background. It’s nsfw unless screaming profanities is cool at your job.

Monday, April 03, 2006

TItle Goes Here

The haze of stomach flu has finally cleared the house. We’re all doing much better now. Actually, everyone was better by the middle of last week, but I’ve been “too busy to blog.” I’ve been sewing a lot lately. I made Roan a pair of Hello Kitty (she’s wearing a grass skirt so “hula kitty?”...okay that’s painful) capri pants. Little kids can really rock the elastic waistband style. I made baby Sage a little dress. It’s a little big for her, so it looks kind of sexy around her chest area. I got a couple of collared onesies, that hopefully will work under the dress, so she can wear it now with out looking slutty. I made Roan a cute dress too. It’s pretty much done. I’d like to get a hook and eye to finish it off, but I don’t know of a place close by that carries them. She can wear it without one, but it would look more “finished” if I put one on. I also sewed a curtain panel last night. I also got the worst pin stick I’ve ever had in my life. I swear the pin hit down to the bone in my finger. I’m a real joy to be around when I’m sewing, especially when I stick myself in the finger with a pin.

Baby Sage’s new favorite food is bagels. She likes plain and whole wheat. She probably like to chew on the pieces because she’s teething like a maniac. Her first year molars are really pushing on her gums. She gets really cranky about it too. We’ve been trying to get stuff ready for her birthday party. I made a practice cake Saturday night. I was up at around 1 am frosting the sucker. It’s not that it took very long to frost, but it wasn’t done baking until around midnight and it takes about an hour to cool. I made a monkey head. It came out okay. I ended up getting some cake pans that were half-spheres so when you put the cake together it makes a ball. There was enough cake from slicing the tops up to carve the ears. I’ll post a picture at some point.

Baby Sage is getting a toy kitchen for her birthday. I have no idea why we got this. First of all, it’s big and toys have long since taken over our living room. Second, it wasn’t cheap. It probably would’ve been better to get it for both girls as a Christmas present. Oh well. I know Roan will like it. Of course she’s way more excited about the party than the baby. Sage has no idea. Kid’s first birthdays aren’t really for the kid anyway. I guess I should go find something productive (hmmm...go watch something on tivo?) to do before I have to go get Roan from preschool.