Friday, November 21, 2008

Get Me Some Rogaine... Stat

For the last month or so my hair has been falling out, practically in clumps. I was freaking myself out last night, because I swear it looks thinner. However, the mass shedding seems to be slowing down. I guess this is the post-partum hair loss issue that I’ve read about but don’t remember experiencing with my other two kids. Oh well. I hope it stops or I will be bald soon.

Toby is becoming the sweet baby I’d hoped he would be. I wasn’t so sure, because his first few months on earth he was a troubled little guy. I was seriously worried that he would be so sensitive about every little thing. He seems to be over that and only fusses when he gets tired or bored. Now we just need him to get to bed earlier. He doesn’t go down until sometime around midnight. At least he sleeps straight through until 8:30 when I almost always have to wake him up to take his big sister to school. If he would go down by 9 pm, we would be in heaven. Yes, I know, way to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I was going through the kids baby books last night trying to add a few bits and pieces since I haven’t been the most diligent about filling them out. I went through Roan’s and realized that she’s almost “done” with the book. The book is designed to record stuff up through age 7. I remember when I first got the book and thought that it would be AGES before we could fill out any of that stuff and now it’s almost done. Man, I’m old. And going bald.

A couple nights ago the girls were playing freeze dance. That one is always a sanity saver. All it requires of me is to press the pause/play button on the Apple TV remote. I can participate more, if I wish, but it’s nice to be able to do something so easy that the kids love and it doesn’t make any mess. It’s also really easy to do with a baby on your lap.

Hmmm... I had a bunch more, but of course when I actually get time to sit down and type it all flew out of my head.


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