Friday, November 07, 2008

Why do you have a Monster Claw?

I’m back (baaa-aaack). Well, maybe. 30 Rock last night was hilarious. That is all.

Well, not all. Halloween was fun. Roan was Ash, Pokemon trainer and Sage was Princess Peach (of Nintendo fame). I made both of their costumes. I don’t “really” know how to sew.

Roan’s was harder. She needed a short-sleeve jacket type thing. I didn’t have a pattern so I ripped the seams of an old t-shirt to make pattern pieces. It came out okay except how I finished the front. It didn’t button or close in anyway so the front edges turned out a bit when it was on and it was a thread nightmare. I should have turned the edge over twice or something so the raw edge would be tucked in, I guess. It was denim, though and I wouldn’t really want to sew through that many layers. The best part didn't involve sewing. We hand painted a hat for her costume and then she left it at school on Halloween. The hat was pretty much half of her costume. We were supposed to meet friends for trick-or-treating and of course realized she didn't have her hat at the last minute. I had to cut out red and white construction paper and tape it to a blue Cinderella hat. Oh well.

Sage’s was easier because I had a cheap dress pattern and no zippers or anything, just elastic. It wasn’t quite as fancy as the dress Peach really wears, but close enough for jazz.

Toby wore a Christmas hat. Poor Toby. Next year he’ll be big enough for the giraffe costume. Roan got to wear that one twice. Sage wore it once. They hated it. Now it’s a rite of passage.


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