Thursday, May 25, 2006

You Got Owned

In regards to battleground twinks...
There's a rumour that Battlegrounds will give you experience in the next patch. Don't let the WoW talk scare you off, you can still watch this little video.


Apparently we have reached the era of the two hour season finale. I find myself pathetic that I am now relieved that the t.v. season is over so I have more time for other things. Last night we went to Tubbo’s birthday dinner at Caballo Blanco. I’d driven by that place a bunch in the past and was always interested because of the name. The service was good, but amazingly slow. The best thing was the guacamole. I don’t even eat guacamole. I generally don’t even taste it if it’s on my plate. Last night I was putting on my little fajita burritos and even dipping steak in it and eating it that way. What a great appetizer idea. Steak strips with guacamole dip.

After dinner we got home around 9 and the kids went to bed. I blew through the American Idol from Tuesday night on the dvr. Okay, yes I watch American Idol. For the most part, I can’t stand the music, but I find the show entertaining. Just watching to see how incoherent Paula is going to be is entertainment enough. Anyway, I quickly get through that episode. Figure the finale can’t be more than an hour. It was two. I start fast-fowarding through that one, watching bits and pieces. Luci is playing WoW and talking to my brother (in Warcraft). Turns out he’s worked with female finalist’s dad over the years. So I logged on and chatted with my brother for a little bit. (Who needs a phone when you play World of Warcraft). By then it’s about 11:30 and we still have to watch Lost.

I love Lost. I love that you feel like you should be able to put the pieces that they’ve given you in the show together and solve some mystery. Yet, it’s totally impossible because every episode some new “key” information pops up and it changes everything. Also, I suspect that the writers are making the stuff up as they go along and perhaps do not have the entire story mapped out to a conclusion.

I made extra coffee today to help combat “season finale week.” It’s a little like “finals week” for the couch potato set.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sage Went to the Doctor, Roan Went to a Movie

Sage had her 14-15 month well check last week. For some reason they made the appointment for her when she just turned 13 months. Whatever. She’s getting close to 24 pounds. She was in the 75th percentile for height and weight and 90th for her head circumference. Roan went to the appointment and got the doctor to give her a band-aid for her “boo boo.” Said boo boo was a tiny little scratch that was already scabbed over and ready to fall off. Our doctors wonderful attention to the kids is probably why we have to wait for him about 40 minutes every time we have an appointment. Our appointment was for 9:10, how could he be 45 minutes late that early? We always get stuck waiting in the exam room that has very little in it to entertain little kids. After the exam, we went to the “shot room.” That’s Roan’s favorite part if she’s not the one getting shots. They actually call it the playroom. The waiting room is all enclosed and has stuff for the kids to climb on. The whole check up and shots ordeal took almost 2 hours.

Sage is still close to being able to walk on her own. I have no idea when she will actually figure it out. I keep thinking it will be any day now, but she doesn’t do it. Roan saw some commercial for the Barbie Diaries movie and now says she wants the “Barbie Diarrhea” movie for her birthday.

I took her to see “Over the Hedge” yesterday. We had some free movie passes from Christmas. For some reason, Roan got in free, so I still have a pass left. Do I even need to say if the movie was good or not? I don’t think you’d want to see it unless you were watching it with kids. That being said, it wasn’t horrible (the barbie/my little pony dvds). It was fun watching Roan battle the theater chair. Her legs are so short that the chair kept folding up on her. She ate at least half a size small bag of popcorn. We got there a little early and then had to sit through almost 20 minutes of previews. She made it through the whole movie (I almost didn’t). On the way out she kept whining that she wanted to play “a game.” She stopped in front of the arcade. There weren’t really any suitable games in there for her. I don’t think she’d enjoy playing House of the Dead. So, in spite of much complaining, we didn’t stop at the arcade.

Friday, May 12, 2006

HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!!! (a couple days early)

Here's Roan and me in our matching mom's day hats that she made at preschool.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cow-Cow Returns

We got Cow-Cow back today. I went back to Roan’s preschool at the end of the Tuesday/Thursday class. I completely forgot about the “Mommy and Me Tea” (ours is tomorrow). It was going on when I got there, so I saw a sneak preview of what I’ll have to do tomorrow. It looks like the kids made goofy looking floral colored hats for the moms. The hats look like they were made out of coffee filters but bigger. One lady showed up to pick up her kid completely oblivious that she was supposed to get there a half hour earlier. I felt bad for her kid.

I put Sage’s Easter shoes (they have more solid soles than her fake-Robeez slippers) on her and didn’t carry her in the sling so she could practice walking a little in the park. She’s getting better, but I don’t think she’ll take her first steps alone today. She had fun playing with her sunglasses just before her nap (what she’s doing right now). She tries to put them on, but doesn’t even get close so she hands them to me and I put them on her and she gets a giant smile and then takes them off and repeats. I have to get a picture of her with them on.

I almost forgot. This morning Roan was calling her sister “diarrhea.” She said, “Baby Sage looks like diarrhea.” I asked her if she knew what diarrhea was. She yelled “Poop!” Nice, huh?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cow-Cow, We Miss You

Sheesh. Can today get any better? After stabbing myself in the finger with a knife trying to liberate my microwave pizza from a plate, I went to pick Roan up from school. No, she did not have shoes on again. We left and about the time we were almost home I realized that she didn’t have Cow-Cow, whom she brought to school with her. The traffic going the other way was horrible, not to mention the parking by her preschool, so I was pretty sure we wouldn’t get back in time (she’s in the last class of the day). I called them when we got home and got the answering machine. I don’t think they ever actually answer the phone anyway. They have a Tuesday/Thursday class from 9-11:30, so I guess we can go either before or after that class and try to retrieve Cow-Cow. I told Roan he’s going to have a slumber party at school tonight with all the other toys. She told me Cow-Cow is crying because he misses her. Hopefully she will go to bed tonight without freaking out about it, but I doubt it.


Davey’s Elephant Bar birthday dinner was fun. I was sandwiched between the 2 kids, so the adult conversation was limited a little bit. I ordered the overpriced fish. It was okay, but priced about $3 too much, as Tubbo and I were discussing on Ventrilo after the dinner.

The other thing (other than going out to dinner) Davey wanted to do for his birthday was run Razorfen Downs (RFD) with Tubbo and Prayella. We finished it sometime before 1 a.m. Tuesday morning. It was pretty fun. Usually you do it with a group of 5 we did it with 3. Glom is a little over-level for it (but not much) and tubbo is a little under-level. It started getting a little hairy near the end. The end boss was pretty challenging for the 3 of us. I ran out of mana and Glom almost died. When we downed the boss Glom had about 3 health. It was pretty great. Tubbo got some really good leather shoulders and a new dagger. I got a new cloak and finished the quest which got me a couple gold.

I probably should start a separate Warcraft blog.....

Ugh. I just moved the truck into our drive way. (Stupid bitchy neighbors have a problem with a decrepit old truck sitting in front of our house for a month at time). Now I have little specks of steering wheel stuck to my hands.

Baby Sage still isn’t walking on her own yet. I can tell she wants to, so maybe she’ll figure it out soon. Roan’s new favorite phrase is “I can’t” or “I ca-hant.” Today when I told her to go get dressed, she told me I had to say “please” first.

I got schooled by her preschool teacher today too. Roan was standing in the way of someone’s stroller and I told her to “watch out.” I guess I wasn’t specific enough. The teacher said something like “She (Roan) is like watch out what, where...” Then the teacher says something like, “Yeah, sometimes I say things like that that aren’t specific.” Ugh. I just smiled and left (I was on my way out). It’s been a totally irritating morning already. This was from the teacher who sent my kid home with the wrong shoes on. And at least they had their shoes on that day when we picked them up. I love getting down on the floor with a giant baby strapped to me to help Roan put her shoes so we can go home. I do like this preschool, but the shoe thing gets a little irritating. They are supposed to bring their lunches on Fridays now. That’s fine, they sit down and eat their lunch when they get there. The weird thing is they still have snack at the end of class. The class is only 2 and a half hours, how much can these kids eat?

Monday, May 08, 2006


Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Birthday!

Today is Davey’s birthday. I think we’re going to the Elephant Bar tonight. That place always makes me laugh a little. It seems like a restaurant you’d find at an amusement park. Like the Marvel restaurant at Universal Studios. Davey and I ate there so we could watch Spiderman walk around. I think Davey had the Hulk burger. I think I had the Falcon burger. Elephant bar is a great place to take kids though. It’s noisy and they usually bring the food fast. Plus, they have a kids menu that includes a little sundae. No wonder Roan loves going there. Another plus is there’s a full bar for mom and dad.

Saturday, we had a few people over to grill and play croquet, except we never got to the croquet part. Kind of sad, since I’ve been wanting to play. We need to fix or add one more light in the backyard and I think we can start playing night croquet. That will be sweet.

Later that night, we finally watched King Kong. I wasn’t expecting it to be that great, so as I was watching the first act of the movie, before they get to the island, I was pleasantly surprised. That was soon ruined by chase after chase involving dinosaurs. Some of it looked really crappy too. CG stuff always looks worse at home on dvd, but some of this was really bad. The third act of the movie was a little better, but the whole thing just left me feeling sad. Maybe if they had cut about 40 minutes of it, it might have been better. I thought the beginning up to about the part where we see the first dinosaur was pretty good, though. All downhill from there.

Sunday afternoon we took a quick trip to the zoo so Roan could see the snakes. We have a membership, so we can go anytime without worrying about the $$$. The zoo membership is great if you go about 4 or more times a year. If you stay at home with kids, it’s great to have that option. Only problem now is Roan is really tempted by the ice cream stands at the zoo. So, we got to listen to a good bit of whining. Instead of ice cream, she got a rice cake and some bottled water we brought from home. I know, we’re mean. After we got home, around 5, we were all wiped out. I guess we’re not used to walking around in the sun, yet. I would say it was hot, but it probably was only in the 80’s. It felt hot, though.

Friday, May 05, 2006

This one's for members of the Four Eyes

Super Mario Bros. Re-enactment

Monday, May 01, 2006

I Love You, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz

We went to the Cruz over the weekend. We got there on Saturday afternoon and left Sage with the grandparents and took Roan to the boardwalk. Is it just me or is it weird calling a place “the Boardwalk” when it has no boardwalk anymore? We walked around the arcade and then got some tickets so Roan could go on the merry-go-round. Roan loves merry-go-rounds. Roan hated this one.

She wanted me to go on it with her. Luci was going to do it, but I guess Roan figures I have more experience with horses, so I should be the one to take her. I put her on a horse, then I saw two vacant ones next to each other so I put her on one and I got on the one next to her. I figured she’d be fine, since she’s ridden carousels before and wouldn’t need me to stand next to her. The ride starts and she starts screaming. I jumped off the horse and tried to talk to her but she wouldn’t turn her head towards me. I did hear her crying that she wanted ice cream, though. When the ride finally stopped she had a red mark on her face from squishing it into the pole.

After the carousel, Luci got a chocolate dipped, soft-serve cone to share with Roan. She wasn’t too keen on sharing, but faced with the choice of sharing or getting none, she choose to share. Next we went to check out the little kid rides. Roan decided she wanted to ride Bulgy. Luci stood in line with her, walked her to a Bulgy, started to put her in and then she started screaming. So, Roan didn’t ride the Bulgy. Luckily, they were able to get the tickets back. Here is a photo essay. I call it, “The Bulgy not to be ridden, In Three Photos.”

After the Bulgy incident, Luci and I wanted to ride the Cave Train. Roan was kind of scared of it, but she said she wanted to ride it. Then, when we were in line buying tickets, she said she didn’t want to ride it. Being the great parents we are, we bribed her to go on it. We agreed she could have cotton candy after the ride.

We got the very first seat on the cave train and Roan sat between us. She was holding on to me the entire time. When the train goes in the cave, there's a part where you go through a sort of tunnel and it is lighted and spins around you. That part made her scream. As we were riding the train I kept thinking how nightmare inducing it was. The cavemen were not cute and neither were the dinosaurs. It was really loud. I kept trying to see if Roan had her eyes open. The few times I could see (it’s really dark in the “cave”) she did. After the ride, I asked her what she thought of the Cave Train. She exclaimed, “It was AMAZING.” Then we went to get cotton candy while her dad rode the Giant Dipper by himself.