Friday, April 04, 2008

Has It Really Been Almost A Year??!!!

Hey. Is this thing on?

Big news is I’m preggo again. I’m almost 24 weeks and this one turned out to be a boy. I was shocked and amazed when we found out. After two girls it just seemed like we’d just have another girl. I will have no idea what to do with a little boy. At least there will finally be one that Luciglom can take to the bathroom when we go out.

So the little bugger is due 7/27. I actually think the date is really 7/25 based on my calculation and the first ultrasound. But the doctors office likes to stick to their little “wheel thingie” that they pull out when they ask you the date of your LMP, so they have it as the 27th.

Like any of that matters. I know there’s no way I will get to my due date. My blood pressure already started acting up at my last two appointments. It’s been pretty good at home, though. But that won’t matter much.

I’m thinking of trying hypnobabies with this one. It’s a technique of self hypnosis for childbirth. I will most likely get an epidural again, but my experiences with epidurals are not exactly positive. Both times they worked “eventually” but there was a lot of yelling and writhing in pain WITH the fracking epidurals. Maybe my spine is crooked. I don’t know.

I don’t know if I can take the hypnobabies thing seriously enough to really give it a fair chance, though. They do things like call contractions “pressure waves” and new agey stuff like that. I remember taking the hospital “prepared childbirth” with Luciglom when I was pregnant with Roan. They had us do this kind of dance that is supposed to be helpful during labor (think slow dance). I kept laughing so hard, I was in tears. That was also the class that they had us put clothespins on our fingers to help us “practice” getting through contractions. I should’ve known that if the clothespin hurt that much, I was just doomed.

The one thing they don’t talk about too much about in labor is the NAUSEA. With Roan i was on the verge of barfing a few times. Once while I was getting my first epidural (yes, they had to eventually take that one out and give me a new one). They gave Luciglom this tiny little kidney shaped pan and he kept shoving it inches away from my face. Seriously. Why don’t they give you a bucket to puke in? If I had thrown up, it wouldn’t have been contained in that tiny shallow pan.

With Sage I threw up twice. One time it came on so fast I barely had time to lean over and remove the oxygen mask on my face. I felt terrible because I had a really nice (male) nurse and he had to clean it up. Luckily they hadn’t let me eat and I was on water restriction (due to the meds I was one... gotta love preeclampsia) so it wasn’t as gross as it could have been.

The other time, Luciglom was sleeping on the chair that pulls out into a sort of bed. I was feeling sick and trying to wake him up so he could find something for me to barf in. He would NOT wake up. I was so pathetic. I was trying to find something to throw at him. Remember I can’t get out of bed at all at this point. I remember throwing a straw at him. I ended up barfing in my water pitcher while he continued to sleep.

I didn’t really intend to write a post about throwing up, but sometimes these things just take on a life of their own. I promise I will write more about World of Warcraft in the future.


At 3:59 PM, Blogger Teeni said...

Congratulations! Boys are a lot of fun. I hope your blood pressure stays in check. You don't want the HELLP like I had. I also remember puking my guts out when I started my labor with Ira.

Hey, now you have an excuse to sew one of those fancy nursing covers!

At 10:28 AM, Blogger lisa ninja said...

I've never ended up with HELLP, but I always get to take a million blood tests along the way to make sure I'm not getting it. With the first kid I got sent to L&D pretty much every other week starting at 28 weeks. At least I got used to what the labor rooms where like and on Tuesdays they always served the same sandwiches for lunch!

I might try to sew one of those covers. If it just blows, I'll probably shell out the $$$ for a premade one. I can't believe how much they charge, though. I definitely need to try one. I had a hard time being discreet, especially with latching issues and throwing a blanket over my shoulder NEVER worked, plus I couldn't see what I was doing.

At 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch, this kid will have a nice big mouth and be a super latcher.

congrats again! and I hope your BP calms down.

FYI, I did the hypno thing and I think it helped a lot. Basically, I just trained myself to go down a hallway like on the enterprise, enter a comfy space age lounge (in my own head) and pull the red blinking lever down to green (it made a noise too.)

It worked pretty well until I got to 4 or 5 CM and then I was all "hmm. Does this get much worse? If yes, please send in the anesthetist pronto."

I also have a crooked back and the epi was done 3 times, punctures. PF says it made him sick because the needled looked like the kind they use on horses. But I was in bliss once it kicked in.

Hypno does work, but I think the interventions done on women do not allow you to keep up in your own head with the pain sometimes.

I recently used it in October during the MC, and I had meds to make that happen quicker. I also tell the tale of slamming the hood of my car on my wrist when I was preg, & should have broken it, but I was "hypotizing" myself in the ER, where my BP was 150/90 and they were really worried but I was calm and not in any pain. So weird. It didn't break either.

Yay for Tiny Ninja Boys!


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