Wednesday, February 28, 2007

WoW Priest Motivational Poster

This really belongs on the Warcraft blog, but I like it so much I'm posting it here. Gratz to Blogger for actually uploading my image on the first try.

Rolling with the Homies Movie Round-up

I ass-planted last night in step class. So many times I’ve narrowly avoided the dreaded “falling on my ass, “ yet last night, I did not escape. I also rolled my ankle on the way down and hit the floor hard (on my ass). I just sat there for a few seconds thinking “Ow.” Then I heard the also dreaded “are you ok?” spoken by the instructor over the PA. Now, even if they didn’t see it, everybody in the class knows, at least, that someone fell on her ass. Anyway, I got up and started back into the routine and thought nothing but “ow” for the next five minutes or so. After a while my ankle stopped screaming and it would just twinge with a little pain now and then. After I got home, I actually almost forgot which ankle I hurt. Until this morning. Now it’s being irritable again.

I finally caught up on seeing a bunch of movies last week. Pan’s Labyrinth = excellent. I knew it was “dark” before seeing it, I was not prepared. Probably one of my favorite movies that I don’t really want to watch again. The Queen = good acting and all, but relatively boring. The Departed = (watched it for the second time) Entertaining. I like this movie. Little Children = Pretty good. Had to get used to the narrator/voice over deal. Babel = better than Crash (but what isn’t). Relatively entertaining but didn’t blow my mind or anything. Half Nelson = decent indie. Good acting. Brick = interesting idea. Failed miserably. Sherry Baby = Pretty good. Maggie Gyllenhaal should start thinking about wearing a bra. Sherry Baby and Half Nelson are like the his/hers drug addict movies.

This week I’m looking forward to finally seeing the Prestige (I *heart* Christian Bale) and watching last week’s Battlestar Galactica.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dead Cats and Herbal Remedies

I had a discussion first thing this morning with Roan about our dead cat Burgie. The cat has been dead for about a year and a half now. To be fair, we didn’t really tell Roan what happened to it until a few months ago. (Check the archives of October ‘05 for my dead cat post). Even though we told her Burgie died, she kept thinking she was lost. I had to tell her again this morning that Burgie was dead. Roan got a little sad look on her face and started asking about Sluggo (our other, living, cat) and if Sluggo was going to die. So I had to explain that someday Sluggo would die. Roan took it all really well. Maybe, too well. Then she asked, “when Sluggo dies can we get a new cat like Sluggo?”

Last week we were at her friend from preschool’s house and they had a new kitten that Santa had brought for Christmas. It was pretty funny to see the little orange cat run down the stairs only to be follow a few seconds later by a herd of preschoolers yelling with outstretched hands, “Kitty, Kitty, KITTY.” Anyway, that’s what started the idea of getting a “new” cat. On the way home, Roan kept asking if we could get another cat since we lost Burgie.

Anyone ever take Airborne? You know, that herbal crap you drink when you feel like you might be getting a cold. I’ve always been skeptical, but Sunday I woke up achy with a sinus headache and was sure I was getting sick. I’ve been taking the stuff and the impending cold hasn’t materialized. Perhaps it’s a coincidence and the stuff is merely damaging my liver. Who knows. But I didn’t get sick! This is after weeks of snotty nosed children running around the house. Sage had something kind of nasty, snot-wise, anyway.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscars Smoscars

We had our annual Oscar “party” last night. Which means we also had our annual Oscar pool as well. Basically, we all cast our ballots for every category. The person who gets the most correct at the end of the night wins the money.

I won the previous two years. Last night resulted in a three way tie. I had to share the pot with two others. Yes, I’m bummed. This was the first year Roan participated, though. I went through the entire ballot with her and made her pick a movie for every category. She seemed to follow a trend by picking the movies that had “queen,” “girls,” “children,” “diamond,” or “happy feet,” in the title. She was the only one who actually picked “Happy Feet” to win best animated feature. Everyone else thought that Cars was a lock. I guess the members of the Academy let their 4 year olds cast the vote for that category.

Roan’s been really into playing World of Warcraft lately. We have to keep her characters in the city, because she’s afraid of “red names.” (Monsters that will attack her character). I noticed yesterday that she figured out how to adjust the game camera by using the keyboard. I didn’t even know how to do that. She likes to change their “clothes” (armor). We also got her a bunch of pets, so she runs around with them. She also figured out that if she hits the return button she can type out a “message.” If your every running around the Exodar and see a low level character (probably a night elf) saying “ahjfasljfjfjei” over and over, then you probably found my kid.