Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pizza and Preschool

There’s a great pizza debate going on over at Heckasac (link is at the right, don’t make me type the html). A discussion involving Zelda’s always seems to bring out the passion in people. I haven’t had Zelda’s in a long time. We’re gonna have to order one for take out soon. There’s no way I’m bringing antsy little kids there. As far as their pizza, I like it, but I don’t love it. It’s the crust. Not my favorite, but it’s good for something different. I love going in there and drinking and then (usually an hour or so later) sitting down and scarfing pizza. I also remember going there a long time ago with M.R.M. and ordering pizza and a pitcher of root beer between the two of us (which also reminds me how the guy who had the little market across the street from our apartment called him “Mr. Rootbeer”). The best part was an old boss of his was eating there too and picked up are bill. The worst part was splitting a pitcher of root beer. Not the same as regular beer and I’m sure we weren’t 21 or it would’ve been regular beer. Okay, this is getting way tangental, but I’m not rewriting.

I like Roma’s the best. I don’t think Giovanni’s is so great. I really don’t like pine nuts on my pesto pizza. I know, it’s pesto, but the nuts should be squished up in the sauce, not sprinkled on top. And it’s pricey, as well. I think Zelda’s really is in a class by itself, so I don’t really compare it to other pizza. Well, that’s where I stand. Can I complain that we hardly ever get Roma’s because my dear sweet husband thinks it’s too far? I’d eat pizza more if we got it from there.

On the kid front, Roan starts preschool tomorrow. I found a program through the city it’s pretty cheap and just what we were looking for, I think. Roan and I visited on Monday. I like the teacher and the kids in the class seem pretty nice. Mostly it looks like they just play together, but there is some structure. They take them in little groups to do crafts while the others play. I think Roan is pretty excited. She did start crying once when she was trying to get on one of the horses (those spring ones that are like rocking horses, but use springs instead of a rocker) and a boy got on it. I don’t know if she realizes I won’t be there. I keep telling her, but sometimes stuff doesn’t sink in right away. I think she’ll do okay, though. It’s only for 2.5 hours/3 days a week so it shouldn’t be too huge of an adjustment.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cash vs. Ass (aka Johnny Cash vs. Donnie Darko's butt)

Cash wins.

What a very long weekend. Wednesday started off with a phone call from my dentist at 8 am asking if I wanted to come in early for my 9:30 am appointment. He replaced all the fillings in my front teeth. They were getting all yellow and gross, now they are nice and white. It was definitely worth the shots in the mouth.

After I got back from the dentist, I was hoping to have time to blog (can’t remember what I wanted to write about, though) but it was “go go go.” We wanted to get to Brisbane early enough to dump the kids off and go see a movie or something. So Wednesday afternoon we went to see “Walk the Line” in lovely South San Francisco.

“Walk the Line” was really good. Joaquin Phoenix was captivating, as always. The movie had a good enough story, I thought, that it didn’t really have to be about a celebrity. It’s central focus was a love story. But don’t let that scare you away. I liked the way the movie gave me conflicted feelings about Cash and Carter. (I’m only talking about the movie, here as I confess I am no Johnny Cash historian). I felt bad for Cash’s first wife and kids and also for Carter’s kids. But I also felt bad for Cash for being so crushed out on Carter when he was already married with a family. Anyway, it’s a good movie.

On Turkey Day, we escaped for a little while and went to see Jarhead. It deviated quite a bit from the book. Some of the changes probably needed to be made (like combining some characters) just to make the movie easier to follow. They did add a lot of stuff that wasn’t in the book. Like a pretty dramatic training accident. I have no idea why they did this. Maybe the stuff they added happened to someone else, somewhere else or it was completely fictionalized, but it wasn’t in the book.

As far as the movie for the movie’s sake, it was okay. Not great, not horrible. Fans of Jake ( /raises hand) should be pleased. You get to see a lot (ahem) of him and there’s no feeling dirty, because he’s of age(if barely). I thought he did a good job. Originally I thought he might be a little wacky for the part, but he’s an actor and pretty good so I think he pulled it off.

Speaking of wacky and Jake Gyllenhaal. Anyone see the trailer for “Brokeback Mountain” aka the gay cowboy movie? Either the trailer is horrible or the movie is going to be. I was trying to keep from laughing hysterically, but I kept thinking why would Gyllenhaal do this movie (yes, yes he was in Bubble Boy, but that was early in his career), then I saw it was directed by Ang Lee. Then I knew it had to be serious. Anyway, I cannot wait to see this film.

Today, while we were still in Santa Cruz we ate at a place called “Tiny’s.” I was fearful at first because the place was filthy with old people. After we got menu’s I figured out why. “Senior Discount.” The menu said, “Make sure to say ‘senior size it’ when you place your order.” It wasn’t too bad. Maybe a little pricey for a greasy spoon. I had three eggs scrambled with mushrooms, canadian bacon, and tomatoes with “country” potatoes on the side. Davey had two eggs scrambled with corned beef hash. I always warn him about corned beef hash, but he still orders it. He says this way, when it’s time for the next Y2K, he’ll already be used to eating dog food.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Gobble Gobble

It’s almost Turkey day. Which means we get to stuff the car full of stuff, drive around and not get a lot of sleep. Packing the car wouldn’t be so bad, but we can’t put anything in the back (station wagon) with Link, because he occasionally throws up all over the place. Speaking of Link, he’s in for quite a day. I have to give him a mega-brushing and bath. He tolerates the brushing pretty well, but since I’ve been putting it off, it’s going to take a long time and I know he gets tired of it. As for a bath, he hates them. I never understand why dogs will willingly jump in the river, ocean etc. and are deathly afraid of a bath. I’m guessing it must be the smell. Anything that smells good to us (with the exception of food) must smell disgusting to them.

I’ve had two separate reports that “Walk the Line” is really good. Now I want to see it. We’re planning to go see a movie tomorrow and leave the kids with my parents. The plan was to see “Jarhead,” but now I’m a little conflicted. Will probably still see Jarhead, unless it comes down to which one is playing a more convenient time. (I was just summoned away from the computer by Roan. “Mommy, my play-doh fell down.” Sheesh. So I had to tell her that she could get out of her chair and pick it up. Yesterday she freaked out when she got oatmeal on her arm and I had to explain she could wipe it off herself).

I wish I could remember what I wanted to post about. It has totally escaped me. Must be because my coffee buzz wore off. Speaking of coffee. I got one of those reusable metal filter things and it sucks. Is it just the one I bought or do they all suck? It let’s tons of grounds through. I actually don’t mind it that bad, but it would be nice if didn’t do that.

Over the weekend I made a couple of drawstring backpacks. They’re not fancy, no lining or pockets or anything. But they’re really easy to make and a good project if you’re not the best seamstress ( /raises hand) because you get a lot of practice sewing straight (in theory anyway) lines.

It uses two fat quarters (why does that sound like a New Orleans inspired sandwich?) and you cut about 4 inches off the long side of each to make the straps (or if you wanted to save time you could just use some smallish rope to make the drawstrings).

Shoot, I was going to post the link, but for some reason it’s not working right. If you want to find it, try searching for “fat quarter drawstring backpack” it’s a pdf but you can view it as html, you just don’t get the nice pictures.

I made one for Roan and she was stoked because she could put her dance shoes in it. Then I made another one for fun. I have a couple of fat quarters left to make another one, but I don’t have matching thread. I tried out some different stitches that I hadn’t really used on my machine. There’s a reinforced stitch (2 stitches forward, 1 back) that I used for all the seams in the bag. I also used an overcast stitch, which required switching to the overcast foot. That was a quick and easy seam finish. Since the bag has no lining, I didn’t want the fabric in the seam allowances unraveling and getting threads everywhere. I don’t have a serger, so that overcast stitch came in handy.

Tomorrow before we go out of town I have to go to the dentist. He’s going to fix my ugly yellow fillings in my front teeth. I’m doing this willingly, but I’m not looking forward to it. There’s not really anything wrong with the fillings that are there, but they’ve turned yellow over the years. When the dentist told me my insurance would cover it he said, “Yeah, we just say it’s decay, wink wink.” I wonder if he needs a little more Christmas money. Actually, he did ask me about it six months ago, but I thought it would be expensive and insurance wouldn’t cover it because it’s cosmetic and he didn’t tell me otherwise. Anyway, those Novocain shots in the front hurt like hell. Can’t wait .

I got so engrossed in blogging, that I completely incinerated Roan’s fix sticks. It’s not like she cares, she’s equally engrossed in play-doh at the moment.

Here’s a couple of gratuitous kid pictures for the hell of it.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Longest post....EVER


Roan had her first ballet class on Saturday. We went to the place not knowing if she was actually going to take the class or just watch and see how it was. We also went to the place not knowing where the hell it was at.

The place we went to was Broadway Academy (name makes me laugh). We called the place Amelie mentioned in the comments, but they never called back. So Saturday morning we trucked out to Broadway Academy. It’s one thing when a business moves to not be able to update the yellow pages, not possible, of course. But if you’re going to bother to have a web site, and you move your business you really should spend the 10 minutes or so it would take to update the site. Sheesh. This wouldn’t have been an issue if Davey had got the correct address when he talked to them on the phone, but that didn’t happen either. Luckily we had their phone number and were able to find the place. It actually wasn’t that easy even if you have the correct address. It’s on Fulton near Marconi in this big two story mall/office type building. The hadn’t even replaced the sign from the old dance studio that used to be there.

So we get Roan in the class. There are four other little kids there. One is very little, like maybe two years old (and she was probably one of the best “dancers” in the class). There was one who was a little older and the other two looked just about Roan’s age. I got to sit in the room with one other mom (this was her daughter’s second class) the other parents waited outside.

Class started with the kids practicing their ballet positions (like first position etc.). Roan just stood there. There was a dance teacher and an assistant (teenager) teaching the class. The assistant kept having to move Roan’s feet by hand. I kept thinking, “great, we’ll be paying $10/class for her to just stand there.”

Luckily, they started to practice stuff like “princess walk,” “soldier march,” and “soldier kicks,” by taking turns and having each one go across the floor and back with the teacher. Roan finally started doing something.

Then it was time to change shoes for the tap half of the class. Roan was wearing sweats and tennis shoes, all the other kids had little ballet outfits on with ballet slippers and when they put their tap shoes on, Roan says “I want tap shoes too.” Which further confirms my theory that it’s all about the shoes.

Tap shoes on little kids are pretty funny. They’re really slippery. I also didn’t realize how hard it is for kids to walk “toe-heel” or “heel-toe” across the floor. This really screws them up. It was hard to keep from laughing when I was watching them.

The teacher and the teenage assistant were both really good with the kids. Lot’s of patience, but they also made them sit against the wall and not talk when it wasn’t their turn. “Criss-cross applesauce” means sit against the wall, legs crossed and don’t talk. Which, not only does it teach the little monsters manners, I’m sure it keeps them from running around like maniacs.

Roan said she liked the class and wanted to do it again, so she will. Unfortunately this means I can no longer sleep in on Saturdays. Also it meant that I had to get her dance shoes and outfit. I asked the lady at the front desk where to get cheap shoes and she mentioned Payless. I never knew they had dance shoes.


(I couldn't find a picture of Harry with his shirt off and felt very dirty searching for one...)

Saturday afternoon I decided to go see the new Harry Potter movie and look for Roan’s ballet and tap shoes at the downtown Payless. Luckily they were having a “buy one get one half off anything in the store” sale (aren’t they always having that sale?) They had Roan’s shoes, so I got off relatively cheaply.

After the shoe purchase I went to the movie. “Goblet of Fire” might be my favorite Potter book. It’s also the book that sort of crosses a line and turns a dark corner. The movie is dark and action packed. They had to whittle out lots of details in order to fit the story in a 2.5 hour movie. I thought they did a really good job. It’s actually pretty “scary.” Roan’s actually seen the first two Potter movies when they’ve been on TV. I wouldn’t let her anywhere near this one. I was sort of sad to see little kids in the theater. Davey went the next day and said there were a bunch of kids Roan’s age there. If you’ve read the book, you’d know it’s not for young kids and the movie is rated PG-13, which should tell you something. But I shouldn’t expect anything less, since people always bring their young kids to inappropriate movies. I should say, my mom was somewhat guilty of this, but I was at least 10 or 11 when she would take me to R-rated stuff and for me being freaked out by the rotting corpse guy in American Werewolf in London, was better than staying at home alone. (Damn, I just IMDB’d that movie and it came out in ‘81, so I was 9). Anyway, back to Potter. I know the abundance of cobwebs in some of the scenes alone would be enough to freak Roan out.

We also get to see “little” Daniel Radcliffe taking a bath. I dare say he’s not so little anymore and has been spending a lot of time at the gym. I don’t know how I feel about seeing Harry Potter half naked. Disturbed? I think that’s it. I guess it shows little Harry is growing up.

I though Victor Krum was miscast. He looks like he’s at least 25 and seemed way to beefy. I don’t remember exactly how he was described in the book, but in the movie he just came off as a cold fish and he’s supposed to be a big celebrity quidditch (did I spell that right, I’m guessing it won’t be in the spell check dictionary) champion.

I was psyched to see Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort. Kind of sick of him always being the villain (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration) and he doesn’t look really hot with a snake face, but it’s pretty cool and he does make a good Voldemort.

I still want to see Jarhead. I finally finished the book. I’d like to see the Johnny Cash movie, though I will admit I want to see it more for J. Phoenix than for J. Cash (yeah yeah, sad I know). I’m sort of infatuated by Joaquin Phoenix. It’s not that he’s super great looking, but he’s one of those actors (like Ralph Fiennes) that I’d see pretty much anything he’s in, even if it looks crappy or has John Travolta in it.

P.S. “quidditch” did get a hit in the spell checker. The suggested spelling is “quid ditch”, should’ve seen that coming.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Joann's Peach Glop Ballet

The chicken soup and peach glop came out pretty good last night. I highly recommend peach glop. It consisted of one big can of peaches (the next size up from the “normal” size) a half cup of brown sugar, 2/3 cup of quick oats, 1/3 cup baking mix, 1 teaspoon cinnamon and half a cup of water. You throw it all in a crock pot stir and cook it on low for about 5 hours. If it’s to liquidey at the end, you just take the lid off and cook it a little longer. It was really easy and pretty good. Next time I’m gonna try a recipe with cherry pie filling and cake mix and see how that turns out.

It’s crafting season and Davey moved a scarf I was knitting and dropped one of my needles behind a shelf. Smooth move. I went to Jo-Ann’s last night (even though that store irratates me) to get some embossing stuff. You can melt your embossed images onto candles. It’s fun. I put a bunch of red stars on a taper and the candle’s a little lumpy now, but it still looks kinda neat.

Roan fell in love with everything in the store. “It’s soooo beautiful.” She also kept talking really loud. I wish I could remember all of the stuff she was saying. The only thing I remember exactly is “Mommy, my skin itches!” Nice. Then I got the weirdo guy at the cash register. He would not stop talking. First about his relatives in the service, one who was shot down in WWII and was put in a concentration camp, but it was liberated a day later, then about how he thought a guy who walked out of the store was stealing something, but his reaction was “oh well.”

Roan is obsessed with ballet now. So much so that we are looking for a class for her. I don’t know how I ended up with such a girlie-girl. I did take a lot of dance classes as a kid and generally liked them. Ballet was the only one I hated. The teacher said when I "plie-ed" it looked like I was sitting on a horse. Since my favorite hobby was (is) riding, I took some pride in that. You would have never caught me dead wearing pink, though. Roan loves pink and princess stuff and Barbies. She puts her Barbie tiara on and runs around calling herself “princess Roanie.” She was stoked the other night when I called her “ballerina Roanie.” She also really wants ballet shoes.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What a Crock...

Dang, almost no time to sit down and write a blog today. I actually got to sleep in a little, since the kids (mainly the baby) are starting to sleep a little better. Woot! However, sometimes I think the more sleep I get the harder it is to get up. I never have an easy time getting up. I will never be one of those rise and shine, seize the fish types. I can stay up late at night, however, even if I’m tired and even if I really want to fall asleep. /sigh

I’ve been busy all morning throwing stuff in crock pots. I bought a big oval crock pot last week and kept my slightly smaller super ancient old one. Last week we cooked a whole chicken in the crock pot and saved the broth and leftover chicken so tonight we’re gonna have chicken noodle soup. Or maybe peanut butter sandwiches if it turns out to be a disaster. I also have some peach glop cooking in the other crock pot. I hope it turns out good. The glop consists of canned peaches, quick oats, baking mix, brown sugar and cinnamon. I don’t see how you can mess it up, but I probably can.

Last night I was listening to George Noory on Coast to Coast, and he was telling a story about a dog that diagnosed its owner’s breast cancer. I saw a show on one of the Discovery channels awhile back about dogs that were being trained to sniff out cancer, or I probably wouldn’t have believed it. The dogs were being trained to find melanoma, I think. They had little skin samples (ewww) some cancerous/some not and this dog they showed could tell the difference. The lady in George’s story went to the doctor after her dog kept sniffing at her chest. She went to the doctor, and they kept telling her it was benign and she kept going back. She finally insisted on a more detailed test and it turned out she had cancer and the doctor said her dog had saved her life. Gotta wonder how many hypochondriacs out there are going to run to their doctors insisting they have crotch cancer? (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that one).

Monday, November 14, 2005

Spies Like Us

So, we have this spy-cam set up in the girls room. We have a little black and white monitor in our room that we can watch them on. After being put to bed, Roan usually likes to get back out of bed and “play” with baby Sage. Then what usually follows is the baby get riled up and then Roan starts to get tired and complains that Sage is being loud. This usually results in about 2 hours of trying to get both of them to go to sleep. (Last night Roan summoned me to her room because “baby Sage has the ‘hippocks’”).

Well, last night after busting Roan getting out of bed once, Davey went to our room and turned on the spy-cam. When Roan got out of bed he would tap on the wall (their room is right next to ours) and Roan got back in bed. I started watching this. Roan sat up in her bed. Then she would so slowly scoot an inch at a time towards the edge. It was hilarious. She got closer and closer to the edge of the bed when she finally made a break for it and put her feet on the floor. Davey immediately tapped the wall and she jumped back on the bed. It seemed kind of messed up because we were both laughing at the poor kid, but it was really funny and she knew she wasn’t supposed to be up bothering her sister.

So after the second or third time Davey tapped on the wall, Roan calls out “Mommy.” I knew it was about the noise. Strange noises bother her. The garbage truck used to freak her out every week. Davey came up with the idea to tell her that it was Santa tapping on the wall. So I went to talk to her from outside the door, because if I opened the door and the baby saw me, she’d freak out. So Roan told me she heard a noise and I told her that it was Santa and he could see her getting out of bed and he was reminding her to be a good girl so she could get presents at Christmas. Roan seemed oddly satisfied with that answer and I hurried back to see what she was doing on the monitor. Well, she got back in bed, rolled over and went to sleep. Davey said something about how great the “Santa thing” was. Santa must have been invented by parents.

Wow, I just used the spell-checker and the only words that came up misspelled were “hippocks” and “Davey.” No wonder I was 6th grade spelling bee champion.

We watched half of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” last night. I was enjoying it more than I thought I would (only heard that it wasn’t that good...well, I guess so far it isn’t that good, but not soooo bad either). I read the book in 8th grade. Then I started thinking about the 80’s and how long ago that seems. I guess it is pretty long ago. Then I think about people our parents age and how it feels to look back on the years they were growing up.

Ironically when I spell check the last two paragraphs I had misspelled the word “misspelled.”

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Anyone know of any decent preschools? Since most of the people I know don't have kids, I'm guessing not. Maybe you have friends/family with kids? Looking for preschool sucks.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More Random Stuff

I still have the sick. I thought I was getting better. Staying up late last night playing WoW probably didn’t help. That’s the problem with MMORPG’s. You have some “guildies” on and they need help on a quest. They say it should only take 20 mins or so. You were planning to log off, but since they are your “friends” (the two guildies in question last night I’ve never met in “real” life) you decide to stay on and help them. Soon, 20 minutes turns into about 2.5 hours as they get a big enough group together, our power goes off and we (Clobberella and Lucite) have to re-log. Then we blow the quest because our group let some stupid NPC die. Then we have to start over. Then the realm crashes and everybody gets kicked off. Then we come back are doing well and the big guns (Bshrew and Verdree) come and join our raid group at the end (if only they were there on the first try, might’ve saved an hour). It’s still fun though.

I still haven’t finished Jarhead. I’m sort of annoyed at myself for not finishing it already. I blame World of Warcraft. I’ve heard the movie is good, so I want to see it. I love Jake G. It will be interesting to see how he plays Swofford. In the book he’s a super cynical, post-teenager. I still haven’t read the article in the SNR.

Roan and Sage have been pretty good, so I don’t have a lot of kid stories to document. (The main reason I spend my time doing this thing). Here’s one I can save one for the future embarrassment pile. Roan was using the “potty” (Hurrah, I think she’s finally trained) the other day. This is a really short story btw. So she yells from the bathroom, “Mommy, I poo-pooed on the potty. I need you to come wipe mine butt!”

Kids are so cute.

Monday, November 07, 2005

say it again

I don't know what happened to the last post....Here's my attempt a reposting.

I got nothing. I was sick all weekend and the kids were pretty good. Roan is excited about Christmas already. She decided she would like Santa to bring her a bicycle. I spent the weekend sleeping, eating, sleeping some more, eating some more, playing Warcraft, repeat. I didn’t bother getting dressed all weekend. I just sat around in doggie pajamas and wool socks. We did finish disc 2 of season 2 of Arrested Development.

I was hoping to finish reading and go see Jarhead, but I didn’t get around to reading (too busy, see above) and I felt too lousy to go out. Maybe next weekend.
Since we’re talking about Christmas already, here’s a few pic’s from last year.

Post Not Worthy of a Title

Friday, November 04, 2005

It's On

The sick, that is. I knew I was doomed last week when everyone in the group we met up with at Hometown was either sick, just getting over being sick, just getting sick or had thrown their back out. My sinuses are aching right now. That’s what I get for leaving the house.

This is a funny WoW link. The thankless job of being a priest in a raid group in Azeroth. I like posting a link in which the only person who would be interested in looking at it is the one who sent it to me. Now that I’m sick I think my weekend plans are messed up. (I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit in front of the computer until 3 AM doing all of those instance runs we had planned, Lucite).

Roan rolled her eyes at me for the first time (I think) the other night. We had just driven home from the grocery store. The song E.T. (I love you) was on the stereo. As I was getting her out of her car seat, I told her she should go in the house and sing “E.T. I love you” to her dad. She yelled “No” at me in typical party pooper fashion. I asked her why she was yelling at me and she said, while rolling her eyes “because I just don’t wanna sing the E.T. song, Mommy.” I had to try really hard not to laugh.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Some Gratuitous Kid Pictures

Roan in kitty costume (why'd we have her stand right next to the doorknob?)

Pumpkin and State Working Wizard

Roan at pumpkin patch

How I feel just about every afternoon

Roan likes to put stuff on Sluggo the cat

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Silly Animal Costumes

This one is for Heckasac (thanks to Amelie for the images)

I like this one a lot

This is pretty good too

Oh yes, I'm sure they LOVE to dress up


Random Stuff

I was going to forgo writing today, because all I could only think of things to complain about. I’ll just say yesterday was a nightmare of screaming kids (one 3 year old in particular). The upside is after they finally went to sleep (both were out by 10, but bedtime started around 8) they stayed asleep without yelling, screaming or crying until 8 this morning. Hooray! The baby finally decided it was a good idea to sleep more than 6 hours straight. For those without kids, many babies her age will be out for 12 hours at a time. Anyway, I still slept lousy and kept waking up, but at least I didn’t have to sit up for an hour at 3 am watching “Wings” reruns while feeding the baby. Nope, just the sweet sounds of Davey and Link playing Dueling Banjos with their snores.

There’s no way to segue into this, but it’s “movie season.” Jarhead opens this week and looks interesting. I’m a little over halfway through the book. I’d like to see how they adapted the screenplay since the book jumps all over the place. The guy who wrote the book (Anthony Swofford) is from Sacramento. I was reading it last night and he mentions how while in Saudi, he was daydreaming about where he’d eat his first hamburger when he got home, a double french with cheese from Nationwide Freezer Meats. I wish I had a french burger, no sauce in front of me right now. Speaking of Nationwide, can you slice a tomato any thinner? I love those burgers, but geez, so skimpy with the produce. Is there something about a decent slice of tomato and more than one pickle chip that would ruin the integrity of the burger? Perhaps.

Right now, I’m wishing I made more coffee. Does anyone wash their coffee pot with soap and water after using it? Or do you just rinse it out? I’ve just been rinsing it. Is that gross? Usually I’m a germ and mold-a-phobe, but the coffee pot seems like it just needs to be rinsed.

I just realized this morning that we forgot to take a picture of Link in his Superdog costume. Looks like he’ll be getting dressed up later today.

I also forgot about how on Halloween, Roan was dressed up as a black “kitty-cat” and she went to use the little potty (potty chair) and somehow slipped and ended up with her hand in the pee receptacle. She was wearing a long-sleeve black turtleneck. So, instead of a black kitty, she ended up being a “tuxedo” kitty with a white shirt. I’ll post a pic as soon as I get them off the camera.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloweenie Good Times

We took the kids to “Boo at the Zoo” last night. I really didn’t think there would be anyone there. It was packed. We walked around the lake getting candy. Then we stood in line (popular theme for the night) for the creepy creature encounter. Roan touched a rat, bearded dragon and a hedgehog. They also had a bat, snake, black widow and some other spider (no tarantulas). Then we walked around some more and walked through the reptile house. Then we decided to stand in the Radio Disney line (for about 20 minutes!!!) so Roan could spin a wheel and win a prize. Her prize was a crappy “Sky High” movie poster, not the one sheet either, just a crappy little poster. Roan had lots of fun, though. She did get a little mad when I accidentally spilled all of her candy on the ground.

We then hurried back home to meet up with Helspeth and her parents to go trick or treating. Link put on his Superman dog costume and we went on our way down the street. Roan seemed to think the idea of running up to random houses and getting candy was pretty cool. She was really into it for awhile until the house with the guy wearing the Steve Martin arrow through his head. The guy was really nice and loaded her up with candy, but after that house she said “I want to go home.”

Our next door neighbor decorated his house. It looks really great. He put fake spider webs all over his bushes and the big tree out front. Roan hates the spider webs. The continually freak her out. Since we’re such good parents, we convinced her to trick or treat that house. Davey had to walk her up to the door, but she did it. Later that night, though, she was still afraid of them.