Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Domo, you're going down...I want my staff

As I mentioned, Luci/Davey/Glom -whatever- and my seventh anniversary was on Monday. We didn’t really have any plans, what with having kids and due to the fact that we both almost forgot it was our anniversary anyway. We basically just sat around gorging on Crepeville and watching the second season of the Office on dvd. It was great. (No sarcasm, seriously).

For my anniversary present, Luci got me something pretty good. He got me “the Eye of Shadow” which is one of two items I need to start my epic Priest quest which, when completed, rewards me with the Benediction Staff. Pretty cool, huh? He had to scrounge up gold from all of his characters to buy it for me. He got it for a good price of 100 gold. Another guy in our guild had to pay 250 gold for it. If you’re not familiar with the WoW economy, 100 gold is a lot for most characters.

The Fall TV season is upon us. We got new satellite dvr boxes on Monday. No more Tivo interface. We still record stuff, but it uses different software and I’m really happy. Tivo was always slow and annoying. I am not a fan of the sound effects. Anyhow, I put on that “celebrity” dance contest show for a few minutes last night before WoW raid time. EVEN I COULD NOT SIT THROUGH IT. Not even for five minutes. Keep in mind, I watched the whole season of “Skating with the Stars” or whatever it was called. Blech. The “new” Fall season doesn’t look too promising.

Sage has taken to saying “uh-oh” a lot. She also likes to scream for fun. Then Roan screams with her. Then they chase each other around the house. Then their dad comes home and goes “Raaawwrrr” and they scream and run around the house some more. Then I leave for the gym. Sage has a serious binky addiction as well. She keeps finding them during the day. We had her on an “only at nap and bedtime” binky regimen. She just came over to me, binky in mouth. I took it out and she said “be-bee.” If I take it from her at the wrong time it results in a good half an hour of screaming and fussing. It’s horrible. I need to find a better place to put them during the day. If we’re out and another kid has one, she will try to get it from them. Now I’m wondering if those few extra hours of sleep the binky afforded me over a year ago were really worth it. Yeah, probably.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Fat Exam

So I took my fat test last week. It’s a lot like sitting on a produce scale underwater. They have a big, circular clear tank. You climb in and sit on a suspended chair. The water comes up to about your shoulders. They tell you to start blowing out your air and then you lean forward until you’re completely underwater. Then they tell you to blow out your air again. Then you sit up, gasping for air. Then you have to do it again.

Since I was doing this for a gym discount, not only did I have to get my body fat tested, I had to do a “fitness profile.” So after the dunk tank we (there were four of us this night) had to change and do a bunch of high school P.E. type tests. There was three minutes of going up and down a step to “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel. The older lady in our group said “screw this” and sat it out after about a minute. Then there was heart rate checking. There was a flexibility test, bench press test, leg press test and grip test. There was also “count as many push-ups/sit-ups you can do in a minute” test. Then they take all of your results, print them out and tell you how fat and out of shape you are complete with pie charts and bar graphs.

Preschool started up again at the beginning of the month. Needless to say, the kids and I all have colds. Sage didn’t have much of an appetite yesterday and that culminated into her throwing up while she was sitting in her high chair last night. Lots of barf. I had noticed she had a fever a little while before this happened. We gave her a bath and she went to bed. A few hours later, Roan (who should have been asleep, but now stays up until about 11, even though we start bedtime about 8:30) came out of their room and said “Baby Sage threw up again.” So, Sage got a shower, clean sheets and went back to bed. We’ve been vomit free since then. (Knock on wood).

Today is our seven year wedding anniversary. Woot! I almost completely forgot about it. We went to see “The Last Kiss” on Saturday and something in the movie made me think how long I’d been married. I freaked in the theater because I wasn’t sure what the date was that day, and I thought maybe I missed our anniversary. The movie stinks, by the way. Horribly written. I should have known, since it’s by the same guy who did Crash. That movie stunk too.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I’m so fraking tired. Roan had a bad dream about dinosaurs at 4 am. Then the dog decided to act annoying so he got tossed outside. Then he started barking around 4:30. As much as I enjoy giving them pay back for their annoying barking dogs (they’re both dead now, though) I brought Link back in and put him in his crate which he got out of immediately even though I though I had locked it shut. Luckily he settled down after that. By then it was about 5 am. I’m not even going to write about the annoying cat.

Sage’s favorite word is “baby.” She says it a lot. She still doesn’t really say “Mommy.” When she’s bothered she kind of yells “Ma Ma Ma,” but it’s not really the same thing. She tries to say “fishie” but it doesn’t sound like anything. She says “kitty” and “daddy” and is getting “binky” down. She’s also started to throw some really good tantrums. She doesn’t throw herself on the floor or anything. Just screams and screams and then gets to a point where even when you give her what she wanted in the first place, she just keeps screaming. Like she forgets the reason she’s screaming. It’s lots of fun. This age is sort of like labor pain, you sort of forget about it until it comes back.

Over the weekend we went to our guilds (warcraft) BBQ. I got to meet some of the people I talk to every week. It’s kind of fun, knowing them by voice and then getting to meet them in person. [Here’s the reason I rarely blog anymore, I’m interrupted about every other minute while I’m trying to type.]

Later today I get have my body fat tested. Oh joy! I also have to do some “fitness profile” thing. The whole ordeal is supposed to take up to three hours. Can you sense my enthusiasm? I can’t wait for the part at the end when I get to hear how fat and out of shape I am. At least that will mean the ordeal is almost over.