Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random Stuff

I’m so fraking tired. We had a busy weekend culminating in Roan’s dance recital on Sunday. I have not recovered.

I’m starting to freak out because my 36 week appointment is this week (I’ll be a few days shy of 36 weeks). Which means (basing this on my history) I could have the kid pretty much anytime now. At my 32 week appointment I somehow avoided being sent to NST’s 2x a week like I was with Sage. My blood pressure hasn’t really been any better this time, so I was sort of confused. It was a good thing not having to go, since those appointments are twice a week and can sometimes last over an hour. If I can get through my 36 week appointment with out getting sent to L&D or made to start NST’s, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll make it to 38 weeks, which would be really strange.

Physically I’m totally ready to be done. Every ache, pain and heartburn attack has been way worse this time around. I’m sure part of it is due to the fact that I’m older and have two kids to cart around. Not to mention Roan being in Kindergarten this last year, so we had to be very scheduled.


Recently, we did the old “switch-a-roo” with one of our goldfish. Poor Googly passed away. This was Sage’s fish. She named him. The kids didn’t notice and grandparents happened to be in town that weekend so we went out to get a replacement. For some reason, it was hard to find any googly-eyed fish. Capitol had a few (they had a whole bunch when we bought Googly). So we ended up getting one that didn’t really “match.”

A few weeks have gone by and the kids haven’t said anything until today. Roan came to tell me that Googly “changed.” “Now he’s whiter with spots.” She was pretty excited about it. I felt like a big fat liar, but went along with it.

We mainly did the switch because of Sage. Roan gets the whole pet dying thing and we’ve had dead fish before and it hasn’t bothered her too much. When we had to put Sluggo (the cat) to sleep earlier this year, it was pretty traumatic. The end result being Gary and Fry our two new(ish) kittens.


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